Gear Diary’s Best of CES 2024 Awards

CES 2024 has wrapped, and this year, there was a plethora of exciting and innovative new products to discover and explore. After sorting through (what felt like) thousands of press announcements and making our way through a dizzying amount of CES events, venues, and demos, these are the products we found to be the most innovative and intriguing. Without further ado and in no particular order, here are our top 16 Best of CES 2024 choices. Let’s delve into the exciting array of advancements that emerged from this year’s CES!

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Apostrophy OS

You’ve likely heard the phrase, “If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold,” and never has that been more true than with our smartphones. Our data is the currency companies like Google use to track us and serve personalized ads.

Apostrophy OS is receiving our Best of CES 2024 award because it takes smartphone privacy to the next level. Apostrophy focuses on giving you control, not exploiting you. This means you decide what data you are willing to share so you can navigate your mobile life on your terms.

Europe’s progressive stance on data usage is cutting-edge, and Switzerland stands at the forefront of the intersection between law and technology in this domain. The strategic choice of Apostrophy’s location underscores the company’s dedication to policies that go beyond what Silicon Valley or other places can offer, emphasizing the integration of laws and technology to serve the people better.

Apostrophy brings together a secure mobile operating system (AphyOS) and a suite of backend services for personal information management and security. The hardware and operations of this service are entirely overseen by a team of security experts based in Switzerland.

Apostrophy OS

Based on GrapheneOS, Apostrophy OS prioritizes user control over personal data. Apostrophy OS stands out because it divides the user experience into sections prioritizing application integrity and personal data privacy.

Apostrophy has developed a comprehensive ecosystem with the primary focus of prioritizing the digital needs of each user. Their objective is to create awareness and educate people about the substantial value of their digital privacy, persona, and footprint, which often gets compromised with a mere click on the “Terms & Conditions.”

The most important thing to know is that using Apostrophy OS does not mean you have to give up your favorite apps. Apostrophy’s bespoke implementation divides the OS into two segments, Home and Public, to better safeguard our personal information while providing a sandboxed space for apps downloaded from sources like the Google Play Store. Any personal info, like your emails and contacts, is securely stored in Switzerland.

First offered on the Punkt MC02 smartphone, Apostrophy’s Public side allows the installation of apps through its GMS Wizard, which lets you hop into the Google Play Store and snag any Android app to use on your Apostrophy OS-powered device.

Once the Play Store is in, you’ve got options – you can stay in the totally private Apostrophy Home zone or dive into a sandboxed Google space with your chosen apps in the Public zone. Your private data stays right between you and the app, with no third parties snooping around!

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Even popular apps like Facebook or TikTok, once installed, lose their ability to track users beyond the app itself, with the only possible exception occurring when you run multiple apps from a single parent company that can communicate on that company’s servers; for instance, if you use WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, which are all owned by Meta, they might be able to share data on the backend, but it would stop there.

Apostrophy features a built-in VPN on the Home side called Digital Nomad, which is based on Wireguard and secures your activity using US, Germany, and Japan addresses.

On top of that, Apostrophy OS introduces the Environmental Dashboard, featuring the Carbon Ledger, which provides insights and control over the energy consumption on your device.

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The Carbon & Data Ledger gives you a comprehensive view and effortless management of your app-specific data privacy. You can adjust settings from a more open configuration with full app permissions to a highly private state where no app permissions are granted. You’ll also be able to enhance your awareness of the apps and computational resources consumed by your mobile device and their associated carbon footprint.

Punkt, the first OEM to offer Apostrophy OS, will include it with their new MC02—a sleek smartphone with a 6.7″ screen (2,400 x 1,080-pixel resolution) with privacy-centric features, making it the ideal choice for privacy-conscious users.

Apostrophy OS is a subscription-based service that includes 5GB of secure cloud storage for email, messaging, calendar, the Vanadium browser, the Data & Carbon Ledger, the Digital Nomad VPN, and the GMS Wizard. When you buy a Punkt MC02, the first year’s subscription to Apostrophy will be included with the phone’s purchase.

The Punkt MC02 running Apostrophy OS can be pre-ordered for $749 by clicking here. After the free year of Apostrophy OS runs out, you can renew it for CHF14.99 per month, or about $17.40.

Withings BeamO

The Withings BeamO was an obvious choice for our Best of CES 2024, as it is set to revolutionize at-home health monitoring with its 4-in-1 health checkup device. Cleared by the FDA and hitting the U.S. market soon, BeamO combines ECG, oximeter, stethoscope, and thermometer sensors, transforming the conventional thermometer into a comprehensive tool for daily heart and lung health assessments.

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In the era of post-pandemic telemedicine, BeamO stands out as a versatile solution, empowering users and health professionals alike. Its multiscope analysis interprets blood flow patterns, temperature, and acoustic information through advanced sensors, offering simultaneous blood oxygenation, heart rate readings, precise core body temperature, and accurate heart and lung measurements.

BeamO ensures a swift 4-in-1 health checkup in under a minute, alerting users to potential fever, infections, and cardiovascular issues pending FDA clearance. Seamlessly integrating with the Withings app, BeamO creates comprehensive health records, allowing easy tracking, interpretation, and sharing of health readings. Priced at $249.95, BeamO will be available in June 2024, setting a new standard in at-home health monitoring.

Pebble Flow

The Pebble Flow, a semi-autonomous electric travel trailer, is one of our Best of CES 2024 winners because it is redefining the RV experience. For those seeking a true home away from home without the usual RV hassles, Pebble Flow delivers unparalleled ease of travel with an eye on sustainability through over-the-air updates that will keep it at the top of its game.

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Equipped with a dual-motor active propulsion system, Pebble Flow ensures easy towing and even compatibility with electric vehicle towing without compromising the vehicle’s range. Its autonomous capabilities allow the trailer to hitch itself and park autonomously, simplifying the entire process.

With a touch of a button, Pebble Flow effortlessly deploys or retracts its awning, stairs, lights, and auto-leveling stabilizers, streamlining the setup at campsites or getting back on the road. The accompanying app provides convenient control, enhancing user experience.

Boasting a sleek, aerodynamic design, Pebble Flow offers a spacious interior with room for up to four people to sleep. Flexible features like a retractable Murphy bed and a well-equipped kitchen, complete with an induction cooktop and a full-size fridge, cater to comfort and functionality.


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The 270º wrap-around windows ensure a constant connection with the surroundings, while the trailer’s aerodynamic design enhances mileage and range. Pebble Flow incorporates multiple charging options, including AC/DC, solar power, and regenerative charging while traveling.

Available for pre-order starting at $109,000, Pebble Flow sets a new standard with its modern construction, industry-leading aerodynamics, and a generous 45 kWh EV battery.

For those seeking the full Pebble experience, the Magic Pack, starting at $125,000, introduces a dual-motor drivetrain and innovative features like Remote Control, Magic Hitch, and Easy Tow.

The Pebble Flow is expected to start shipping at the end of this year.

Heybike Hauler

Heybike has once again seized the spotlight, earning a well-deserved spot as one of our Best of CES 2024. Building on their remarkable presence since bursting onto the electric bike scene in 2021, Heybike showcased an impressive lineup, including the Horizon, Mars 2.0, and Ranger S, all of which have undergone our thorough reviews.

However, the introduction of their latest innovation, the Heybike Hauler e-bike, truly solidifies their position among the best of CES.

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The Heybike Hauler is a versatile electric bike designed to carry cargo and serve as a daily utility bike. Its dual-battery design caught our attention, featuring an 18Ah front battery and a 12.52Ah rear battery.

Heybike promises exceptional range, although specifics aren’t provided due to the varying impact of terrain, speed, and rider weight. The Hauler is powered by a robust 750W motor, achieving Class 3 speeds of up to 28mph, making it a force to be reckoned with on the road.

Notably, the Hauler boasts a unique DIY pegboard, allowing riders to attach accessories or cargo holders for expanded carrying capacity. Heybike emphasizes the limitless customization possibilities, from carrying groceries to mounting additional lights or tools – the Hauler’s pegboard opens up a world of customization for riders.

Equipped with a Shimano 7-speed gear system, 5 levels of pedal assistance, and two 20″ by 3.0″ tires, the Hauler ensures a smooth and adaptable riding experience. Its impressive payload capacity of up to 440 pounds speaks volumes about its strength and utility.

Factor in the hydraulic disc brake and front fork suspension, and you’ve got a powerful e-bike ready to replace automobiles for everyday errands.

While Heybike has yet to disclose the pricing for the Hauler, we anticipate that, like the rest of their lineup, it will deliver excellent value.

Aiper Horizon U1 Cordless Robotic Lawn Mower

The Aiper Horizon U1 Lawn Mower secures its position as one of our Best of CES 2024 winners by revolutionizing lawn care with its cutting-edge features.

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Boasting smart wireless mowing capabilities, this cordless robotic lawn mower adapts to diverse grass types through adaptive blade technology, ensuring a professional and precise cut for yards up to 32,000 square feet, or about 0.47 acres.

Aiper’s iOS and Android app elevate user control, allowing remote lawn care even on the most scorching of days. Unlike traditional mowers, the Horizon U1’s electric motor, compact design, and easy storage make it a hassle-free addition to any garage. Its Boundary Setting function, eliminating the need for complex setups, and real-time kinematic positioning contribute to its seamless operation.

The incorporation of Aiper Vision Technology empowers the robot to autonomously navigate around obstacles, prioritizing safety. With an intelligent recharging system and automatic return for job completion, the Horizon U1 showcases efficiency.

Breaking free from the monotony of lawn maintenance, the Aiper Horizon U1 emerges as a game-changer, drawing on the success of Aiper’s innovative pool cleaners.

Stay tuned for pricing updates as anticipation builds for the Horizon U1’s release later this year.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid

The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid earns a Best of CES 2024 award for its innovative approach to a familiar form factor. This versatile device seamlessly transforms from a laptop, with its unique ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid Station keyboard dock, to a standalone tablet, the ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Tab.

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What sets it apart is the ability to function as a regular Windows 11 PC when connected to an external monitor, thanks to its hybrid station.

Notably, in tablet mode, the display transforms into a full Android tablet, providing a dual-functionality that extends its utility. The integration of Intel Core Ultra processors for the laptop aspect and a Qualcomm tablet-focused chipset for the tablet portion showcases its adaptability. Moreover, users can combine both modes, running Android apps as a picture-in-picture option in Windows, offering a seamless and integrated experience.

The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid will be available for $1,999 in late summer or early fall.


Gear Diary is thrilled to announce the XGIMI HORIZON Max as one of our Best of CES winners, and with good reason! Set to launch in late 2024, this Long Throw smart projector has earned IMAX Enhanced certification, bringing the unparalleled picture and sound of IMAX right into your home.

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Its revolutionary ISA 5.0 technology, featuring hardware and software enhancements, truly sets the HORIZON Max apart. The automated motorized gimbal ensures that the projector effortlessly locates the optimal projection positioning on the wall, intelligently remembering settings for specific walls. Whether you’re gaming on one side of the room or enjoying movies on another wall, the projector seamlessly transitions, adapting its software and hardware settings for the best experience.

The incorporation of 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology into ISA 5.0 enhances the HORIZON Max’s ability to sense and understand the surrounding space effortlessly, adding an extra layer of intelligence to its functionality.

When it comes to picture quality, the HORIZON Max achieves excellence through Dual Light 2.0 technology, utilizing a triple laser and phosphor light source. The optical engine, equipped with MCL lasers commonly used in commercial theaters, ensures a cinematic and comfortable viewing experience. Expect an ultra-wide color gamut, ultra-high brightness (3,100 ISO Lumens), ultra-high contrast (2000:1 native contrast ratio), and ultra-high color accuracy.

Notably, the HORIZON Max delivers XGIMI’s brightest display yet, boasting an impressive 35% increase from the already spectacular HORIZON Ultra. This projector lets you immerse yourself in a home entertainment experience like never before.

While we anticipate more details and a confirmed selling price later this year, we have it on good authority that the XGIMI HORIZON Max will be available for under $3,000. Stay tuned as we eagerly await the opportunity to witness the HORIZON Max in action, building on the success of its predecessor and solidifying its well-deserved place among Gear Diary’s Best of CES winners.

Clicks Keyboard

The Clicks keyboard earns its well-deserved place as a Best of CES 2024 winner because it revolutionizes iPhone user experiences. Are you tired of the virtual keyboard dominating your screen and craving the tactile feel of real keys? Clicks is the solution, liberating screen real estate and providing a truly immersive experience by shifting away the virtual keyboard.

With Clicks, you can unleash your creativity on the go, breaking free from the confines of your desk. Whether you’re taking meeting notes, crafting a novel, or composing social media posts, Clicks ensures the freedom to create anywhere, anytime. The keyboard adds superpowers to your iPhone, offering unparalleled control and efficiency with extensive support for iOS shortcuts.

Late-night texting becomes a breeze with Clicks’ slick backlight, ensuring comfortable typing in low-light conditions. This one-piece wonder seamlessly integrates into your iPhone experience, providing convenience without the need for batteries or Bluetooth.

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Co-founded by Michael Fisher (MrMobile on YouTube) and Kevin Michaluk (CrackBerry Kevin on YouTube), Clicks boasts a team with experience from tech giants like Apple, BlackBerry, and Google. The exclusive Clicks Founders Edition is available for pre-order, offering VIP support and early access to future colors.


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The Clicks keyboard, starting at $139, is available for iPhone 14 Pro, with pre-orders open for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, shipping in the spring. With Clicks, convenience and versatility take center stage.


The LG SIGNATURE OLED T claims its spot on our Best of CES 2024 list because it’s not just a TV – it’s a transformative technological masterpiece. This television fits the bill for anyone who ever wondered when we might see something revolutionary versus just evolutionary; it feels like a truly new and different type of product.

Boasting a 4K OLED screen with LG’s wireless video and audio transmission tech, it breaks barriers in home design. It looks so futuristic that you can’t help but wonder how it works and how it’s possible that something like this exists!

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A contrast film lies beneath the LG SIGNATURE OLED T’s 77″ transparent panel. A button on the remote can raise it, transforming the TV into a regular OLED, or lower it to reveal what’s behind the screen.

Equipped with down-firing speakers, the  LG SIGNATURE OLED Tutilizes the power of the Alpha 11 AI processor and relies on LG’s Zero Connect Box for video and audio, so the OLED T can be placed up to 30 feet away. Onscreen, custom widgets, and a streamlined webOS interface are optimized for this unique display.

More than anything, LG’s OLED T revolutionizes TV placement. Gone is the dominating black screen; the OLED T seamlessly integrates into its surroundings, becoming practically invisible when off.

You can place it just about anywhere, use it as a room divider, or showcase art with its Always-On-Display feature. The modular design offers standalone, wall-mount, or against-the-wall options.

Although the product showcased at CES isn’t quite in its final form yet, we’ll soon know more about it and find out whether the final version includes the side furniture shown in the photos or if they will be sold separately. Either way, it’s a really exciting option!

LG plans to ship the SIGNATURE OLED T this year, but there’s no word yet on when or how much. We can say that it would be a good idea to free up some room on your credit cards if you want one (or talk to your banker) because your wallet will probably take a massive hit when you purchase this bad boy!

XPENG AEROHT “Land Aircraft Carrier” Modular Flying Car

The XPENG AEROHT “Land Aircraft Carrier” modular flying car clinches one of our Best of CES 2024 awards because it embodies a revolutionary leap in transportation. Available for pre-order in 2024 Q4 and set for delivery in 2025 Q4, this innovative vehicle seamlessly transitions between terrestrial and aerial modes while making you feel like the hero (or perhaps the villain) of a James Bond movie.

Its two-part design allows the air module to facilitate vertical takeoff for low-altitude flights while the ground module cleverly envelops the air module for efficient ground transportation.

This cutting-edge ‘Land Aircraft Carrier’ transforms personal travel from ground to sky and holds immense potential for public services such as emergency rescue. XPENG AEROHT has over a decade of experience in low-altitude exploration and has emerged as a leader in the race to bring flying cars from concept to reality.

Not merely a concept, the modular flying car has completed key tests in the R&D validation phase and is now in preparation for mass production. With a futuristic cyber-mechanical aesthetic, the design showcases sharp lines and sleek surfaces reminiscent of a ‘lunar exploration vehicle.’

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The ground module accommodates 4-5 passengers, features an extended-range electric powertrain, and offers impressive off-road capabilities. Meanwhile, the air module is a fully electric piloted aircraft with vertical takeoff capabilities, supporting manual and automatic driving modes.

XPENG AEROHT’s modular flying car is a tangible step forward, simplifying travel with its automated system reminiscent of Transformers, making flying accessible and extending the travel experience from ground to sky. Beyond individual use, its potential for public services underscores its significance in catering to public and private demands.

No prices are stated yet, but for this bit of futuristic amazingness, the saying “if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it” likely holds.

Jackery Solar Mars Bot

Drawing inspiration from the venerable Opportunity rover that roamed Mars for 14 years, the Jackery Solar Generator Mars Bot attempts to address today’s energy challenges while giving a nod to exploration in both design and functionality, which is why we’re naming it as one of our Best of CES winners. The Mars Bot may be a concept, or it may actually be released for purchase; who knows? But we love the futuristic thinking that went into the design!

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At the heart of the Jackery Solar Generator Mars Bot’s features is the Automatic Sunflower Solar Tracker system, a technological marvel that imbues the robot with autonomous navigation and sunlight-tracking capabilities. This intelligent system enables the Mars Bot to strategically position itself in well-lit areas, ensuring optimal photovoltaic power generation even in less-than-ideal light conditions. The result? A seamlessly reliable energy experience.

The integration of solar panels with the energy storage system sets the Mars Bot apart. Its foldable photovoltaic panels, positioned elegantly at the top, not only enhance portability but also contribute to the product’s aesthetic appeal when neatly folded. These solar wings, when expanded, boast an impressive 600W output, showcasing an outstanding 25% maximum solar conversion efficiency.

Crafted from high-strength, impact-resistant, waterproof, and dustproof aluminum alloy, the Mars Bot is made to be durable. This construction ensures excellent weather and corrosion resistance, making it a versatile companion for various scenarios.

The fact that you would likely plug something stationary into it makes it a non-starter for the usual portable generator applications — can you imagine it wandering off from your campsite while chasing the sun?

How might it be realistically be used? If it can be controlled and steered via an app, the Mars Bot might come in handy in an emergency rescue operation, or perhaps it could follow along with another electric device that needs portable power.

No matter what you think about it, the Jackery Solar Generator Mars Bot represents a paradigm shift in how we might consider using portable power stations. It will be interesting to see if it is ever actually put on sale and who Jackery is specifically targeting with it, but we like it!

AWOL Vision 120″ Vanish Laser TV

Say goodbye to the days of complex home theater installations with the AWOL Vision 120″ Vanish Laser TV, earning its place as one of our Best of CES 2024 winners. Touted as “the world’s biggest, brightest rollable triple laser TV,” this innovation transforms any room into a home theater and cleverly disappears when not in use.

Concealed within the Vision Vanish’s cabinet, the laser projector and a rollable 100″ or 120″ screen emerge seamlessly when it’s time for entertainment.

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The 4K UHD Smart projector boasts HDR10+, 3D capability, and Dolby Atmos, delivering a stunningly clear image and an immersive viewing experience.

What sets it apart is the automatic retraction of both the projector and the screen into the unassuming cabinet once the entertainment session concludes, which means you can set it up in front of a wall covered in at when you aren’t actively watching something, rather than dedicating a large space to an empty black box.

Beyond the impressive movie-watching experience, we appreciate the AWOL Vision 120″ Vanish for its straightforward setup and the liberation of home theaters from dominating entire rooms.

The AWOL Vision 120″ Vanish Laser TV has three essential components: the Projection TV, a motorized rollable screen, and a smart cabinet. It’s delivered to you in five boxes, and because it has a modular and segmented design, you can even get it into an apartment’s standard elevator. It’s simple to put together on your own, and the DIY installation addresses any light customizations needed for a personalized experience.

Dan had a chance to check it out off-site, and we think it’s spectacular!


The AWOL Vision 120″ Vanish Laser TV is now available for $15,999; a 100″ model sells for $14,999 if you want something a tiny bit smaller.

Narwal Freo X Ultra

Earning its place as one of Gear Diary’s Best of CES winners, the Narwal Freo X Ultra introduces groundbreaking innovations that set new standards in performance, efficiency, and convenience. With three world-first features, it stands as the flagship product of Narwal’s cutting-edge lineup, revolutionizing the landscape of robotic vacuums.

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At the forefront of its design is the world’s first tangle-free floating brush, which addresses a persistent issue in traditional vacuuming – tangled hair. Certified to capture 99.56% of hair with 0% tangling, this brush is aerodynamically engineered, creating airflows that prevent knots and ensuring a hassle-free cleaning experience.

The Narwal Freo X Ultra’s ability to compress dust within the robot for up to 60 days is a game-changer. This innovative approach enhances efficiency and reduces the need for frequent emptying. The U-shaped air duct, an industry-first, facilitates uninterrupted high-speed airflow and allows the robot to store and compress dust within itself, avoiding debris collection issues.

Another standout feature is that Narwal Freo X Ultra stores and compacts dust within the robot itself, eliminating the need for a separate base station. The dust bag, easily removable for disposal, is air-dried within the base station, mitigating health risks from bacterial growth.

Addressing the challenge of tangled hair is the Zero-Tangling Floating Brush, the world’s first of its kind. Certified to prevent tangles and capture hair with precision, it ensures an efficient cleaning process. The Narwal DirtSense technology, leveraging AI and optical sensors, assesses water cleanliness during mopping, detects dirty floor areas, and returns to re-mop until surfaces are sparkling clean.

The Reuleaux Triangular Scrubbing Mops, applying 12N of downward pressure and rotating at 180 RPM, ensure exceptional scrubbing power. Narwal’s EdgeSwing mode, a unique motion that rotates the robot back and forth, guarantees no spot is missed, reaching corners and crevices with precision.

Navigating with tri-laser obstacle avoidance and LiDAR SLAM 4.0 Integration, the Narwal Freo X Ultra puts users in control through an intuitive app or voice commands via Alexa, Google, or Siri. In another first, it can be controlled via a base station touchscreen.

Narwal’s commitment to tailored choices is evident in the Freo X Ultra, offering a comprehensive cleaning experience with its self-cleaning base station, DirtSens, and drying capabilities. As a Gear Diary’s Best of CES winner, Narwal Freo X Ultra stands out as a true innovator, redefining the realm of robotic cleaning with unparalleled features and capabilities.

The Narwal Freo X Ultra will be available in March, priced at $1399. You’ll be able to buy it directly from the manufacturer and Amazon.

Zepp Pixie Clarity Hearing Aids

In a significant departure from its fitness-focused roots, Zepp is making waves in the hearing aid market, and we are proud to recognize the groundbreaking Zepp Clarity Pixie as one of our Best of CES winners. This move aligns with the recent FDA decision to ease regulations on hearing aids, allowing them to be sold over the counter.

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The Zepp Clarity Pixie enters this space with a mission – to democratize access to high-quality hearing aids. With wireless connectivity to various devices and an impressive 17-hour battery life, this innovation is set to redefine the perception of hearing assistance devices.

What sets it apart is its seamless integration, designed to be discreet and blend in effortlessly, ensuring that wearing an assistance device doesn’t have to be obvious.

The wireless connectivity of the Zepp Clarity Pixie is a game-changer, allowing users to connect seamlessly with various devices. This enhances convenience and opens up new possibilities for integrating hearing aid technology into daily life.

The impressive 17-hour battery life ensures that users can rely on their devices throughout the day without constant recharging, adding an element of practicality to the innovation.

What truly makes Zepp Clarity Pixie a standout in the hearing aid market is its commitment to discretion. By seamlessly blending into the user’s lifestyle, it challenges preconceived notions about hearing aids and fosters a sense of normalcy. This emphasis on aesthetics and user experience contributes to its recognition as a Best of CES winner.

While the $1,999 price tag reflects the investment in cutting-edge technology, it also underscores Zepp’s dedication to making high-quality hearing aids more accessible. Zepp Clarity Pixie is not just a device; it’s a testament to the convergence of innovation, accessibility, and user-centric design.

HARMAN SeatSonic

HARMAN’s innovative SeatSonic takes a fresh approach to traditional in-car audio systems to completely change and, yes — revolutionize — the way we experience sound within the vehicle, earning it a spot on our best of CES 2024 list.

Unlike conventional sound-system setups that place speakers in the usual locations like doors and trim panels, SeatSonic brings the audio right into the seats, creating a personalized and immersive listening experience for every passenger and a very clean look to the rest of the vehicle where speakers would usually be placed.


Speakers are strategically integrated into the seats to make it work, putting you at the heart of a high-quality audio experience. The user-centric philosophy of SeatSonic not only enhances the listening experience but also offers flexibility, lightweight construction, and energy efficiency.

Ultimately, this system delivers exceptional acoustic performance to each passenger while optimizing space.

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SeatSonic uses specifically designed near-field transducers seamlessly integrated into the headrests for acoustic excellence and passenger safety. There’s also a proprietary bass unit nestled in the lumbar section of the seat to deliver an experience that is not just heard but felt.

I had a chance to experience it at CES, and it sounded and felt fantastic! All I can say is that I would kill to have it in my next car!

Beatbot AuquaSense Pro

We’re happy to name the Beatbot AquaSense Pro as one of the Best of CES 2024 because of its innovative features that address longstanding challenges in the realm of robot pool cleaners.

The AquaSense Pro introduces a new era of intelligent pool maintenance by eliminating the inefficiencies plaguing many existing pool cleaners. Equipped with artificial intelligence, it becomes the pioneer in decision-making capabilities, boasting 20 smart sensors, including dual gyroscopes and dual ultrasonic sensors.

This unique amalgamation serves as the eyes and ears of the device, allowing it to “see” and “understand” its environment. The Beatbot OS, functioning as the brain of the robot, utilizes this data for adaptive navigation, ensuring precise distance measurement, orientation, and optimal cleaning routes.

What sets the AquaSense Pro apart is its comprehensive pool coverage strategy. The robot adeptly avoids edges and obstacles through meticulous map and path planning, eliminating overlap and ensuring no spots are missed.

This, combined with its 5-in-1 cleaning functionality, achieves a remarkable 100% coverage – from the pool floor and walls to the waterline, water surface, and even water clarification. The industry-first ClearWater clarifier dispenser further enhances clarity by adapting the dosage of cleaning agents based on the pool’s size.

In terms of power and versatility, the AquaSense Pro truly stands out. Boasting 9 motors, 4 brushes, and 2 filters, it harnesses the industry-first NonaDrive 9 Motor System to deliver unrivaled performance. The dual sets of brushes and adjustable speeds enhance precision control, while ultra-fine filtration captures debris of all sizes.

The AquaGlide Simulated Flight Propulsion System and top suction port allow it to capture debris before it sinks. With a large 10,000 mAh lithium battery, the AquaSense Pro ensures an impressive running time of up to 9.5 hours!

Adding to its appeal is the AquaSense Pro’s cordless design, liberating it from the constraints of traditional power sources. The user-friendly features extend to an intuitive app that visualizes the pool’s layout and cleaning path.

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Multiple cleaning modes, including quick, standard, pro, and ECO, along with future custom modes via over-the-air updates, provide users with flexibility. Its memory function ensures a convenient return to the starting point, complete with a submarine-inspired automatic water release, simplifying user retrieval.

Certified for quality and reliability, the AquaSense Pro undergoes stringent testing, minimizing breakdowns and hardware issues. An IP68 waterproof rating, over-the-air updates, industry-leading certifications, and a two-year warranty add up to a device offering long-term use and durability.

The Beatbot AquaSense Pro will be available at $2199 with special pre-order pricing in the US of up to $500 off with a deposit.


And there you have it! What did you think about this year’s winners, and which would you love to try yourself?

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