Copper Spirits Proves That Not All Good Rye Whiskey (Has to) Come from Kentucky

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Based out of Philadelphia, Copper Spirits send me over two of their rare and fine spirits to check out: The Slow and Low Rock & Rye, and their Hochstadter’s 1884 Family Reserve Straight Rye Whiskey. And as a bourbon and whiskey lover, it’s worth mentioning, these are two of my new favorites, for different reasons.

Copper Spirits Proves That Not All Good Rye Whiskey (Has to) Come from Kentucky

First off there is Hochstetler’s Slow & Low Rock and Rye, a unique bottled cocktail that’s great for seated Oceanside or even at the pool. Created with love, the Slow & Low combines aged straight rye whiskey, Florida navel oranges, raw honey from Pennsylvania finished off with a small dose of rock dandy and bitters, which makes for one awesome pre-made beverage.

Copper Spirits Proves That Not All Good Rye Whiskey (Has to) Come from Kentucky

I received two samples that I shared with one of my closest friend Zach, and he best described the Slow & Low Rock and Rye as the “only companion to itself”. Imagine having the ability to travel with your beverage already pre-made, and when you get to your destination, all you have to do is pop the top, and pour. Now you don’t need any of those odd “survival kits” that ask you to create your drink on that long flight, or when you’re sitting in the airport, the premise is as simple as grabbing some ice and pouring like you would a canned soda.

Copper Spirits Proves That Not All Good Rye Whiskey (Has to) Come from Kentucky

It’s simply marvelous, and in terms of tastes, it’s one phenomenal beverage that you should have 5-6 of just sitting in your fridge. Each can is 100ML, which makes it super portable, and being extra dry on top of 84 proof, you get a beverage that even if you’re throwing a house party, your friends will think you are a tested and skilled bartender. You can purchase not only the actual Slow & Low Rye that it takes to make the cocktail, but you can but the canned beverage itself directly from their site.

Copper Spirits Proves That Not All Good Rye Whiskey (Has to) Come from Kentucky

Finally, there’s Hochstetler’s Family Reserve. A 100% farm grown Rye Grain that’s been aged 16 years and robust taste are not only distinguished but with a 123.8, the Philadelphia cask Rye is bottled with extreme care. Each bottle is aged for 16 years in an unfiltered oak barrel, giving off its golden hue. Philadelphia gets all four seasons, so not only does it receive the cold weather it needs for the barrel to contract the wood to wring out the oak that help, the variant temperatures, more specifically the cold actually slows down the extraction as well as the oxidation which allows you to experience the coherent flavors that you may not get to experience from distilleries that have might only experience just hot climates, especially in their rick houses. The outcome is the bold Family Reserve that is sourced directly from Alberta Distillers Limited and bottled in the city of brotherly love. With a limited stock, the straight rye whiskey has a taste that any rye drinker would absolutely love.

Copper Spirits Proves That Not All Good Rye Whiskey (Has to) Come from Kentucky

Although what I received of the Hochstetler’s Family Reserve Rye Whiskey was essentially just a nip, in a rimmed glasses, the nose of the rye, I initially tasted a brown sugar, obviously the oak from the cask, an undertone of clove, but what I gathered the most was a berry-like taste, which was a welcome surprise for someone who’s family bourbon and rye being majority Kentucky-based. The initial sip is very bold, and at 123.8 proof, you get that initial flair at the tip of your tongue, finishing with a very dry oaky like sip that leaves you wanting a bit more when it’s all said and done. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the Family Reserve, even more than the Slow & Low, and although I plan on having a lot of the Slow & Low cans stocked ready to go, I wouldn’t be opposed to having 2 bottles of Hochstetler’s Family Reserve just sitting on my bar, ready to be consumed when I invite friends over for an event. For more information on the Family Reserve, you can head directly here.

For more of Copper Spirits many varieties or just some general information about the company, you can head to their site today.

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What I Like: The Family Reserve was special, I loved the presence after the first sip; The Slow & Low is super portable for that beach day out, and tastes great

What Needs Improvement: You’d be hard pressed to see many casual whiskey drinkers paying $200 for a bottle, but as a fan of Willett, I just might

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