Runners and Bikers Defy Darkness with the LumaGlo Crossbelt, Now on Kickstarter

As a runner, I am always looking for new and cool ways to be more visible. At the same time, I look for things that are convenient, comfortable and don’t require me to do much thinking at 4 AM when I get up to go running, so I was immediately interested in the LumaGlo Crossbelt.

The LumaGlo Crossbelt is a USB-rechargeable belt/sash with bright LED lights that is waterproof and reflective as well. They have just launched their Kickstarter for the LumaGlo, and I am excited to see this product become reality.

Runners and Bikers Defy Darkness with the LumaGlo Crossbelt, Now on Kickstarter

For nearly 30 years of pre-dawn running, I have worn reflective vests, and more recently added headlamps and footlights and shake-lights that clip on my phone belt and so on. It all works, but as a result, I am constantly adding layers, charging multiple items and having to keep my phone on my outer layer in the depths of winter so my clip-lights are visible. And none of it gives me 360 degrees of visibility.

The thought of replacing several items with a single light and comfortable belt is a runner’s dream. Just plug the belt in once or twice a week and I will be all set and safer than ever before. Another thing I love is the changing light patterns and ‘brake light’ effect when you stop. Any type of light makes you safe, but drivers react more to shifting patterns and other changes that draw their eye.

Runners and Bikers Defy Darkness with the LumaGlo Crossbelt, Now on Kickstarter

Here is more from the LumaGlo Crossbelt’s press release:

Designed to be worn as a belt or a sash, the Crossbelt goes beyond front and backlighting, allowing the wearer to be easily visible from any angle, greatly reducing the chance of being struck from the side. It’s extremely bright, multi-colored LEDs function in eight distinct patterns and provide intense illumination that distinguishes the wearer from background lights. In the event of an emergency situation, a bright red strobe setting can be activated as well. The Crossbelt is also equipped with a patent-pending automatic brake light feature that utilizes an integrated accelerometer to alert others when the wearer stops by automatically causing the LEDs to switch to a strobing bright red pattern. When the wearer moves again, the LEDs return to normal illumination.

In addition to its myriad safety features, the superior design of LumaGlo’s Crossbelt expertly melds functionality with form. Its custom control pod seamlessly adjusts from belt to sash mode to cater to a wide variety of outdoor activities and personal preferences, and the Crossbelt itself easily fits over bulky clothing and can be connected to backpacks and bags. Weatherproof and washable, the Crossbelt is easily charged using the included micro USB cable, with each charge powering the LEDs for three to six hours. Unmatched in style, the Crossbelt replaces construction-style vests and neon suspenders with a modern, technology-centric aesthetic.

Runners and Bikers Defy Darkness with the LumaGlo Crossbelt, Now on Kickstarter

If you are a runner or biker, definitely check out the Kickstarter page for the LumaGlo Crossbelt and see what you think. I can’t wait to check it out on my runs!

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