BOWDEN + SHEFFIELD Minimalist iPad Cases; Kickstart This

BOWDEN + SHEFFIELD Minimalist iPad Cases; Kickstart This

Project Title:  BOWDEN + SHEFFIELD Minimalist iPad Cases

Status: $13,746 of $20,000 goal, with five days left.

Closing Date for Funding: May 23, 2012

BOWDEN + SHEFFIELD Minimalist iPad Cases; Kickstart This

URL of the ProjectBOWDEN + SHEFFIELD Minimalist iPad Cases

BOWDEN + SHEFFIELD Minimalist iPad Cases; Kickstart This

From the Creatives:

Eric Rea and Levi Price, two university students, have recently launched a project on Kickstarter featuring two unique, high-end iPad cases. The project is called “BOWDEN + SHEFFIELD Minimalist iPad Cases” and is definitely worth a look.

The Bowden and Sheffield are minimalist, hand crafted cases for iPad. The inspiration for the project came from Levi when he was unable to find a case that featured minimalist design and a high level of protection while not being attached to the iPad full-time.

The cases are hand crafted from the highest quality, most natural materials possible. Additionally, the majority of the materials are produced within fifty miles of fine grain’s studio in Utah. Both cases feature a magnetic closure system on the cover and ultra-soft inner felt lining to help keep the iPad safe and secure. To pay homage to those who have come before them, the cases are named after Eric and Levi’s ancestor’s surnames.

The Bowden is milled from aircraft-grade aluminum, bead-blasted and hard anodized. Other features include a choice of hand finished walnut or cherry hardwood and black or brown full-grain, chrome-tanned leather.

The Sheffield is made of milled polycarbonate, also with a choice of hand finished cherry or walnut hardwood. The cover is 100% natural wool felt. One of the more intriguing features of the Sheffield is its ability to be used as a dry-erase board.

BOWDEN + SHEFFIELD Minimalist iPad Cases; Kickstart This

Who at Gear Diary Backed It: No one, yet.

At What Level Did We Back: You can get in for $50, which will get you the simple brown leather Palmer sleeve (MSRP $90), but to get into the Bowden or the Sheffield, you are looking at $120 and $100, respectively. That’s the early bird special, but there seem to be enough of those left that you should be able to get in. After the early bird special is used up, the Bowden will be $170 and the Sheffield will be $150. That’s still a good deal, considering that retail on the Bowden will be $210 with the Sheffield at $190.

BOWDEN + SHEFFIELD Minimalist iPad Cases; Kickstart This

Why We Haven’t Backed It:

Judie says – I’ll admit that I am struggling with this one. One the one hand, I really like the rich chocolate brown of the Bowden (shown below), because I am an absolute sucker for striking products that use good leather. But I’m not sure if this case could really meet my needs. It’s more a sleeve, or shell-type case, so to use the iPad, you have to remove it from the very thing that is protecting it. Odds are that I am going to drop my iPad 3 at least once, and that will most likely occur when I am actually using it, which means it would be out of this case. With that said, I still think it looks good, and the prices for getting in aren’t bad.

Dan says – This is an interesting idea but it looks big, thick and boxy. I try to be as minimalist as possible these days, and this case doesn’t fit that bill. In addition, I’m not a huge fan of cases that don’t protect the iPad all the time. The exposure that is introduced when pulling the iPad  out or putting it back just isn’t for me.

BOWDEN + SHEFFIELD Minimalist iPad Cases; Kickstart This

How’s Communication From the Creatives Been?: There are four updates — only two of which that I, as a non-backer can see, and that seems pretty reasonable.

What Has the Experience Been: I have to give it to these guys for doing something different and putting themselves out there to make it happen. I like the

Would You Recommend this Kickstarter Project?: If you are fairly confident that you aren’t going to drop your unprotected iPad, then by all means! I just happen to have a history of klutziness, and I need all the help I can get in that department. =/

BOWDEN + SHEFFIELD Minimalist iPad Cases; Kickstart This

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