UUNI 3 Portable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Is Deliciously Fun


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Some time ago, Perry did a full review of the UUNI 2S Portable Pizza Oven. He was impressed, and you can check out his full review here. Now the company has released the UUNI 3. This is an update to the unit Perry reviewed, and it takes creating wood-fired pizza at home to a new level. Let’s take a look.

UUNI 3 Portable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Is Deliciously Fun

If you love pizza, you will love the UUNI 3. As the company describes it:

Uuni 3 is the definitive tool for your garden or outdoor kitchen. It’s designed specifically to take the cost, bulk and hassle out of using a wood-fired oven. An evolution of the highly acclaimed Uuni 2S, Uuni 3 reaches 932°F in just 10 minutes and can cook an authentic wood-fired pizza in an incredible 60 seconds. The patent-pending oven runs on wood pellets which are very energy-dense and inexpensive.

UUNI 3 Portable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Is Deliciously Fun

New in the UUNI 3 are a few key improvements. These include:

UUNI 3 Portable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Is Deliciously Fun

A new, insulated body maintains heat efficiency and lets the oven quickly get to an impressive 932 degrees. That means you can create a wood-fired pizza in just 60 seconds. Also, the high heat means you can also use the oven for cooking meat, seafood, vegetables, and flatbread. If you are cooking something that usually takes a short time to cook, the UUNI can handle it.

UUNI 3 Portable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Is Deliciously Fun

A new wood pellet burner enables better temperature control and consistent cooking temperatures: Its design is easy to use, and the learning curve is quick.

UUNI 3 Portable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Is Deliciously Fun

A three, rather than four, leg design: By employing a tripod, the UUNI 3 is now stable even on uneven surfaces. This is important since the UUNI is intended to be portable, and you won’t always have the luxury of a refined cooking surface.

UUNI 3 Portable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Is Deliciously Fun

A new chimney clip makes the UUNI 3 easier than ever to break down and bring you on your next trip.

UUNI 3 Portable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Is Deliciously Fun


Inside the box, you will find:

  • The UUNI 3 wood-fired oven
  • The wood pellet burner
  • A cordierite stone baking board
  • A pizza peel
  • A manual and safety instructions

UUNI 3 Portable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Is Deliciously Fun

The box does not include the oak wood pellets, so you will want to make sure you order some of those too!

Setting the UUNI up was fairly easy. I looked at the pictures in the manual and followed them. In no time at all, I had the UUNI together and was ready to use it for the first time.


While, as you will see in the video, I cut some corners, I followed the cooking instructions, and in little more than a few minutes, I had a hot pizza with bubbling cheese. YUM!

UUNI 3 Portable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Is Deliciously Fun

Technical specification:

  • Weight: 13.4 kg / 29.5 lbs. Boxed
  • Size: 22x36x64 cm / 8.6 x 14.1 x 25.2″ (HxWxL) with legs extended, excluding door handle. Height of Uuni 3 including chimney: 67cm / 25.2”.
  • Stone baking board size: 33.7 x 33.7 cm / 13.2 x 13.2″
  • Max pizza size: 13.”
  • Max clearance above stone: 11 cm / 4.3”
  • Power: approx. 6 kWh
  • Fuel: wood pellets
  • Materials: 439 stainless steel, stainless steel rivets, FSC certified wooden handles, cordierite stone baking board.
  • UUNI 3 is compatible with the forthcoming Gas Burner (As too is Uuni 2S)

The company says the UUNI 3 is:

  • FAST: The patented design allows UUNI 3 to reach 932ºF in just 10 minutes from lighting.
  • WOOD-FIRED: Bake genuine Neapolitan pizzas in just 60 seconds and add that authentic wood-fired flavor to your creations.
  • VERSATILE: UUNI 3 is great for all sorts of foods, from steaks to fish and roast vegetables to desserts.

I say the UUNI 3 is

  • EASY: Even a novice like me was able to make a pizza in minutes
  • FUN: There’s nothing quite like putting and uncooked pizza in an open and, in just a few minutes, pulling out something real to eat
  • COOL: When people have come over this summer and saw the UUNI 3, their first question was, “What is that?” And, when I told them, they inevitably said, “Cool!.”

UUNI 3 Portable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Is Deliciously Fun

The UUNI 3 is $299 and, if you plan to keep it outside, the protective cover is an additional $27.50. It seems to me that for a product priced at $299 that is marketed as being “portable,” they could have included the protective cover, but, alas, they did not. Also, my review sample arrived with a large bag of oak wood pellets. If you need more fuel for your UUNI, you can get extra bags for $25 each. The UUNI 3 is pricey on its own and even pricier when you are buying the pellets and a cover, but it is serious, delicious fun.

The UUNI 3 sells for $299; it is available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Easy to set up; Easy to use; Makes pizza… Nuff said!

What Needs Improvement: At a $299 price tag, it really should come with starter pellets and a cover

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