The Uuni 2S Is a Wonderful Wood-Burning Pizza Oven for the Outdoors

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If you’re a home chef who loves making your own pizza, the Uuni 2S wood-fired oven should be #1 on your shopping list. It’s an outdoor pizza oven made of stainless steel with a stone baking board to give you a crispy crust. It uses wood pellets for fuel and can get up to 900°F; the Uuni 2S costs $299.

Uuni 2S Cover

The Uuni 2S is an evolutionary step above the previous Uuni 2, which was released in 2015. The improvements in the 2S include the above-mentioned stone baking board, the flame keeper, which helps the 2S run hotter with less fuel by keeping the heat towards the center of the oven, and other smaller refinements like better feet, improved burner, and an included chimney cap. The stone baking board can be purchased separately for use in your Uuni 2 or in your home’s standard oven.

The Uuni 2S weighs about 24 lbs and measures 4.7×13.7×18.8 inches without legs. The maximum pizza size is about 13” in diameter. Included inside the retail box is the Uuni 2S oven itself in pieces, the cordierite stone baking board, the Uuni pizza peel, and the manual and safety instructions.   Putting the Uuni 2S together was a very simple process, which took me about 5-10 minutes using the included instructions. It’s very sturdy once assembled, and there’s even a little holster for the included allen wrench under the Uuni 2S for storage in case you need to disassemble the oven for storage or travel. Just be careful, because it’s not very difficult for the allen wrench to fall out of the holster, which happened to me the first time I used it.

The flame keeper, which is an angled piece of stainless steel that sits at the top of the oven creating a pocket to keep the flame and heat from escaping through the front of the oven, does it’s job well. However, my biggest problem with it is that it doesn’t physically attach to anything; it sits on top of another stainless steel and is easily dislodged during travel.   The wood pellets that are used as fuel for the Uuni 2S are energy-dense and inexpensive. They’re basically like regular wood, just compressed into pellets. There are no additives, and no need to chop wood. The pellets ignite easily, when using charcoal lighting fluid, and help the Uuni heat up from cold to 900°F in about 10-15 minutes.

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