Lander Carry System: Everything You Need for Anywhere You Might Go

I reviewed the Lander TIMP 20 a while back, and it was one of the best I’ve ever used; sleek, water-resistant, incredibly light, and durable! Although Lander makes other accessories, I can verify that their backpack game is strong; that’s why I am excited about the new Lander Carry System, which is almost fully funded on Kickstarter.

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Lander says:

This is quite possibly our most ambitious project to date, as it fully executes upon our vision of the modern explorer. As you know well, Technology is an essential part of our lives, but that gear wasn’t designed for a true outdoor adventure, where extreme weather conditions is a true possibility. The Lander Carry System consists of four integrated products, which we think encapsulate the intersection of outdoor and technology: Traveler backpack (35L), Commuter backpack (25L), DOP Kit, and Parcel. The modular combination of these solutions creates a safe and innovative way to haul (as well as charge) everything you need and want with you when adventure calls!

The Lander Carry System consists of four pieces that can be purchased separately or together.

The first piece is the 35L Traveler.

It’s essentially a weekend bag that can handle 3-4 days worth of clothing and your tech.


Built into the back of the backpack is what Lander calls the Crash Pad — it’s a protective sleeve for up to a 17″ laptop.

The Traveler has a roll-top cargo section that unzips completely and that has an inner mesh storage area. On the top, there is a microfiber lined soft pocket.

The lander’s Traveler has built-in haul handles, a water bottle carrier, adjustable straps, custom hardware, a reflective logo and zippers, and reinforced zipper pulls. It looks like the perfect larger backpack for travel or light camping. You can get the Lander Traveler by itself for $175 on Kickstarter ($165 if you can get in on the early bird).

The next bag is the 25L Lander Commuter.

It’s a smaller backpack that will be perfect for everyday carry, whether it’s to the office or school.

It also features the Crash Pad protection storage area for up to a 17″ laptop; it’s water-resistant, has plenty of organization pockets, haul handles, cargo straps, water bottle holders, and a large cargo area.

The Lander Commuter is $150 on Kickstarter ($140 if you can get in on the early bird).

The next piece of the Lander Carry System is the Lander Kit; you can use it to store your tech or to hold your toiletries.

Inside there is a mesh wet/dry pocket, tech storage with elastic pen and device holders, a key leash, and it has a water-resistant exterior.

By itself, the Lander Kit is $30, unless you can get it for $20 on early bird.

The last piece of the lander Carry System is the 10L Lander Parcel.

Think of it as a packable packing cube: it folds into a small package when not in use, but it expands to hold and separate your dirty laundry, shoes, or whatever else you might want to stick in it from the contents of your backpack’s main compartment. The Lander Parcel sells for $10 on Kickstarter.

So like I said: you can buy each piece individually, or you can buy the entire Lander Carry System together (which includes two Lander Parcels) for $345. The Carry System ensures that you will have everything you need for whatever travel or commuting scenario you might find yourself in — whether you are carrying the pieces all together or if you just need a few at a time.

Check out the Lander Carry System on Kickstarter.

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