Keep Your Camera in the Bag and STILL Get Your Shots


This is a nutty idea but it just might be nutty enough to actually make sense. If you carry a DSLR you know you need to have a decent camera bag to protect it. But if the camera is in the bag you might miss that great action shot during the ten seconds it takes to pull the thing out. Cloak has found a way to let you protect your camera AND leave it in the bag while taking shots.

Seriously, it is a bag that is designed to let you take the shots you want from within the bag. Take a look at how it works.


Here’s how the describe it:

½ BAG Zip it up entirely and you’ve got a bag made of lightweight, durable, water-resistant fabric that will offer your camera protection from dirt, scratches and bumps. It’s spacious enough on the inside to fit most cameras and one or two of your grubby paws (see the compatibility section below to know for sure). The front pocket provides room for memory cards, lens caps and batteries. The included strap is extendable up to 4.9 feet (1.5 meters).

½ CAPE Start unzipping the edges of the bag and you’ll soon realize how quickly The Cloak adapts to your camera and your shooting needs. Fold in the bottom panel, and your lens is clear to shoot. Fold back the sides and customize the length to fit your lens exactly. Unzip the bottom panel completely and you’ll have unrestricted access to the lens for manual control.

Cloak bag open

At just $59 (a discount right now from the normal $69) it just might be a wacky idea that is worth getting! Check it out here on the company site.

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