Griffin Survivor Protection Is Now Available for the Samsung Galaxy Note8

True story: I bought my Samsung Galaxy Note8 while traveling NYC, and because the phone is so shiny and sleek, I was afraid to even use it until I could get it into a case. Waiting for me at home were several Griffin Survivor accessories for review; thanks to them, I now carry my Note8 confidently everywhere.

Survivor Glass Screen Protector

One of the defining characteristics of the Note8 is its sensuously curved screen. While it’s beautiful to look at, slapping a screen protector on it won’t be as simple as it might be with a flatter screen. No worries, though — Griffin Survivor Glass Screen Protector has the same curves as your screen.

Included in the package are the tempered glass protector, an alcohol prep pad, a microfiber cloth, a hard smoothing edge, and a couple of dust removers (just in case).

The glass protector is high-clarity, ultra-hard tempered glass that has been 9H scratch-resistance tested. Installation is simple — wipe your screen down with the alcohol prep, then rub it dry with the microfiber cloth. Line the top of the protector up with your front-facing camera and speaker, and then lay it down. Use the hard smoothing edge (or the microfiber cloth) to push out any air bubbles, and you are set.

I would caution you to use scotch tape rather than the included dust remover strips if you happen to notice dust under the screen after the install. I did, so I used one of the strips. With scotch tape, you can touch the protector or the screen to remove the dust; the strip left a residue that didn’t come off on the right edge of the screen protector, which was kind of a bummer.

At $34.99, the Griffin Survivor Glass Screen Protector is cheap insurance that if you drop your phone face down (even on a rock), your Note8’s screen will be okay even if the protector breaks. I wound up removing mine because I couldn’t deal with the residue on the sides, but I’m going to buy another one to replace it. The glass screen protector fits perfectly, it’s not got those obnoxious edges on the sides, and it’s very clear and lovely to look at. This is a “totally worth it” purchase in my opinion.

Survivor Strong

The Griffin Survivor Strong is available in one color — black with dark gray. The case is a bit utilitarian, but it has one job to do, and it does it well. The case is slim, yet it is very protective, as its edges are ridged all around the Note8′ screen to keep it from touching anything when laid face down.

Survivor Strong’s rigid inner shell is made of shatterproof polycarbonate. The outer layer of easy-grip material is durable and wear-resistant, so it’s easy to grip, but still slides smoothly into your pocket.

Griffin says that this case will allow your Note8 to survive a 7′ drop on concrete, and I believe it; it offers great corner protection as well.

At $29.99, the Griffin Survivor Strong is a great choice for slim yet superior protection.

Survivor Clear

The Griffin Survivor Clear is the case I’ve been keeping my Note8 in. I like that it is protective yet very slim. Its clear design makes it appear even less bulky, and I appreciate that. Griffin says it can survive a 4′ drop, but I’m here to tell you that it handled a 5′ drop with no problem.

Made of premium, optics-grade polycarbonate, the Survivor Clear allows the Note8’s good looks to show with no distractions. The Clear is scratch resistant, and it offers great protection for corner and back falls. The case is ridged up on the top and bottom, so it will provide face-down protection for your phone when it’s lying on a table.

At 19.99, the Griffin Survivor Clear is a fab, inexpensive way to protect your Note8.

You can check out all of the accessories that Griffin makes for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 by clicking here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review samples

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