New Things to Try for Your Four-Legged Children

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New Things to Try for Your Four-Legged Children Listen to this article

These are some of the things I saw at a recent Petrend Events showcase; I’ve picked out the items that I thought were the coolest.

New Things to Try for Your Four-Legged Children

Pillstashios – Edible Pill Stasher for Dogs

If you have to give your dog medicine, you have probably done everything from stashing it in a piece of cheese to putting the pill in your dog’s mouth, holding its mouth closed, and rubbing your dog’s neck to try to make sure the pill has been swallowed. Cheese probably isn’t the healthiest solution, but it’s been my usual go-to.

Pillstashios are a 100% natural, grain-free, gluten-free, and soy-free edible capsule that you put the pill in so your dog will want to eat it.

New Things to Try for Your Four-Legged Children

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

There are multiple flavors in small and large capsule sizes, and a bag of 32 runs $12.99.

Doc and Phoebe’s No Bowl Cat Feeders

I was so impressed by this product that I wrote an entire post about them, but I want to include them in this round-up, too.

New Things to Try for Your Four-Legged Children

It’s natural and necessary behavior for cats to stalk their food, play with it, kill it, and then eat it. Indoor cats lose a lot of that when their food is delivered ready to eat daily in a bowl. Using these no-bowl cat feeders is a simple matter of putting a measured amount of kibble in each of the five mouse-shaped feeders and then hiding them around the house.  Your cat will find them, play with them, “kill” them, and then “eat” them. You’ll have a happy and healthy cat as a result. The Doc & Phoebe no bowl feeder system is $39.99.

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