Incipio Is Ready to Protect Your Samsung Galaxy Note8

So you’ve got a shiny new jet-black Samsung Galaxy Note8 … now what? You can carry it naked and take the chance of dinging it, or you can put it inside a protective case. Submitted for your approval are three new Note8 cases from Incipio.

Incipio Octane for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Incipio Octane case features a ridged, shock-absorbing bumper that’s been designed to save your phone from corner drops. The back is frosted, and the overall effect is a protective shot of color. Available in mint, plum, sand, black, and navy, the $24.99 Incipio Octane case is slim and low-profile.

The top and bottom edges come up over the top and bottom of the phone. It’s hard to tell, because of the Note8’s curved screen, but the sides don’t quite come up as high. However, there is still face-down protection because of the enlarged top and bottom edges.

The Octane is not bulky at all, but the ridges on the sides make it feel like it’s a bit thicker than it is for some reason. It doesn’t matter, however; if you want great shock-absorbing corner protection with ridges to help you keep a better grip on your phone, then this is the case for you.

Incipio DualPro for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If you’re a bit of a self-proclaimed klutz (raises hand), then you’ll appreciate the dual-layer protection of the Incipio DualPro. It features a shock absorbing inner core and ultra-durable polycarbonate shell. The DualPro is available in black, merlot, midnight blue, champagne, rose quartz, and turquoise & charcoal.

The DualPro has raised edges that go all around the Note8’s screen to protect it from drops and give it facedown protection; your screen isn’t going to come into contact with anything — unless you drop it face down on a pile of rocks, and then all bets are off.

The $29.99 DualPro has a 10-foot drop test rating, so if you regularly drop your phone from a first story height, it should be okay. 😉

Incipio Carnaby (Esquire Series) for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Ooh, aren’t we fancy?! The Incipio Carnaby is part of their Esquire Series; it features a fabric wrapped, impact-resistant TPU frame that protects your Note8 from shocks and drops. The Carnaby comes in blue, forest gray and gray.

This is a very slim case that, like the Octane, has a raised ridge at the top and bottom while the sides are cut back to really show off the Note8’s curved screen. You’ll get facedown protection on tables because the top and bottom ridges keep the screen from touching anything.

If you like something a little more refined while still giving great corner protection, the $34.99 Incipio Carnaby is a great choice.

These cases and several other styles for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 are available from Incipio.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review samples

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