Adobe’s New Lightroom CC Cloud-Based Editor Review

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Adobe's New Lightroom CC Cloud-Based Editor Review Listen to this article

I am fine with Adobe simplifying interfaces just so long as they don’t take away features because they think new users wouldn’t use them. Creative Professionals rely on these tools, and Adobe pretty much has the market for the professional tools. It’s not an exciting market and it might be one that probably isn’t growing, but it’s one for people who are willing to pay the $50 a month for the whole suite, like I do.

I do this because Adobe’s tools are the best, and I have tried many of the free ones (and some of the ones that cost less money), and while I hate paying $50 a month I don’t see any other option that works as well. However, if they start reducing functionality that’s when I’ll have to start to look elsewhere.

New users don’t need as much functionality as the professional; there is no question there. However, I feel like Adobe should have just called Lightroom CC by a new name.  It’s a great application and its very VERY close to the same functionality as the Classic application. There are just little quirks and minor features it should have, but it doesn’t, that prevent me from saying it’s a tool I can use every day.

At $9.99 for the 1 TB Plan with ONLY Lightroom CC and $19.99 which adds Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop CC, it’s a good deal. If you are already on one of the higher plans, it just makes sense to try it and start getting used to it.

What I Like: The new interface is slick; Being able to access my high res photos everywhere is awesome

What Needs Improvement: Lightroom CC is missing some of the features that Classic has

MSRP: Plans start at $9.99 and go up to $19 for Photo Only and as high as $79.99 if you want all of the applications plus Adobe Stock.


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