Puzzlings for iPhone/Touch Review

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Puzzlings for iPhone/Touch Review

Puzzlings first came on my radar as it quickly rose to the top of the app list.  I heard several podcasters proclaim their addiction to the game so figured I better check it out.  To my surprise, the game had become free when I decided to download.  As my reviews have shown, I am a sucker for a good puzzle game.  Puzzlings is what I would call a strange game with a great puzzle aspect.

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Puzzlings for iPhone/Touch Review

The game has a RPG style to it as your puzzling “explores Wardrobia on a grand adventure to bring sunshine to their world.”  This part took a bit of getting used to.  The world of Wardrobia is opened as the hero puzzling conquers puzzles of ever increasing difficulty.  As the puzzling beats a level, new items are unlocked that are used to dress up and personalize.  Hundreds of items can be found that bring literally thousands of possible looks for the puzzling.  Customizing my Puzzling is not much of a concern to me, but I could see it being fun for some people.  Unlocking the items is addicting as is any unlockables in games for me.

Puzzlings for iPhone/Touch Review

The best aspect of Puzzlings is the actual puzzle games.  Traveling through the different worlds opening up more puzzles is actually fun since each level of puzzle changes a small amount.  The game appears to be the all to common match three puzzle format.  While this is somewhat true, some added features make the puzzles much deeper to finish.  Instead of the usual move one piece to align strings of colors, large areas of boxes are movable.  To move horizontal or vertically, tap the color to move and slide your finger to the desired position.  The boxes will become highlighted with a small blue box and will flip positions.  Rotate blocks of boxes by dragging diagonally.  The group of boxes will then rotate and will stop when tapped.  This is a must use skill on later levels when picking up specials.  It also brings a fresh aspect to the connect puzzle genre.

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Puzzlings for iPhone/Touch Review

For better scoring, align larger strings of boxes of alike colors.  As the boxes fall, scoring goes much faster if the eliminations are strung together.  Each level contains several special block pieces.  Slide, rotate and match the pieces for big scores and large clearing of blocks.  Like I mentioned earlier, the puzzles will increase in difficulty as the game progresses.  Colors are added in each world and there are even larger blocks to tend with.  The game maintains a fun gameplay for some time.

Puzzlings for iPhone/Touch Review

Even if dressing up a puzzling does not attract you, if you like puzzle games, you must try this offering.  Puzzlings brings original ideas to an already fun game genre for a fresh new experience.  Check it out here in the app store and remember it is now FREE!!

What I like: New gameplay ideas added to an already enjoyable puzzle genre.

What could use improvement: I would like to see the scores play more of a role in the RPG part of the game.

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