iPhone X Widely Available for Apple In-Store Pickup

iPhone X Widely Available for Apple In-Store Pickup

If you didn’t jump into the pre-order line when the iPhone X was first available for ordering back on October 27, 2017, don’t despair. A quick early morning check of my local Apple stores is showing a wide variety of stock from multiple stores.

And it’s not just major cities with stock. I’m in Connecticut, and multiple stores within a short drive are showing significant availability.

With the iPhone X, you should pay attention to the model you order depending on what carrier you want to use the phone with.

Unlike with past iPhone models, the GSM version for T-Mobile and AT&T (iPhone X model A1901) cannot be used on Verizon or Sprint CDMA networks. However, the Verizon and Sprint models (iPhone X model A1865) can be used on T-Mobile and AT&T.

iPhone X Widely Available for Apple In-Store Pickup


Usually, iStocknow is my go-to tool for scanning Apple stores to discover those with ample supplies of newly released Apple product. This morning, the site appears to be just gearing up and is a little slow but showing quite a bit of iPhone X inventory across the country.

iPhone X Widely Available for Apple In-Store Pickup

At most Apple stores, there are going to be two lines for iPhones. The first is the walk-up line which is generally longer and for people who have not pre-ordered. The second line is for in-store pickup of pre-orders. Depending on the store and the time you select, the wait in line can be anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. When you arrive at the store, ask the genius which line you should be in.

If you do order an iPhone X through the Apple site, be sure to bring identification as well as the credit card you used to order the phone. The store will ask to see that information.

Availability of iPhone X for pick-up in the store is sure to vary during the day. If you’re searching now and find availability is limited, try checking the Apple site each morning at 6 am when Apple updates their online availability page.

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