The OnePlus 5 Now Comes in a Limited Edition Soft Gold

I loved the original OnePlus phone and was even more taken with the OnePlus 3. While I haven’t had a chance to check out the new OnePlus 5, I have little doubt it is a winner. And now, as a limited edition offering, the OnePlus 5 comes in Soft Gold; retailing for $479 it looks amazing!

The OnePlus 5 Now Comes in a Limited Edition Soft Gold

The OnePlus 5 is truly a next generation phone from OnePlus. It is just 7.25mm. That makes it the thinnest phone form the company yet. Still, however, despite being thinner it gets 20% better battery life than its predecessor, the OnePlus 3T. Inside, it has up to 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM, so it is super fast. Adding to the speed is 128GB of onboard storage with the company’s new “dual-lane technology” to add to its speed.

Also, OnePlus has introduced what they are calling App Priority. It is:

…exclusive technology intelligently learns your usage patterns to launch important apps more quickly. It also keeps intrusive apps from harming performance or draining battery.

And, rounding out the design of the new flagship from OnePlus is what they refer to as a “Horizon Line.” This is a continuous hard line that wraps around the OnePlus 5 making it look and feel sleeker than ever.

The OnePlus 5 Now Comes in a Limited Edition Soft Gold

The OnePlus 5 ups the game everywhere but especially when it comes to the camera. The Dual Camera is designed to let your OnePlus 5 take the best pictures yet. It offers:

  • Effortless Clarity: The OnePlus 5 features the highest resolution dual camera on the planet. Photos are incredibly clear, so don’t be afraid to zoom in.
  • Faster Autofocus (Fast AF): Our dual camera system and intelligent software work together to measure depth and find the perfect focus, instantly. Focusing is 40% faster than the OnePlus 3T
  • Large Aperture: Capture clear photos at any time, thanks to the OnePlus 5’s large f/1.7 aperture. Shutter speed is faster too.

The company knows, however, that it isn’t just the technology that contributes to a smartphone being a great camera. It also takes software. The OnePlus 5 has that too offering:

  • Portrait Mode: Dual camera technology lets you focus on your subject, progressively blurring the background for a gentle, yet powerful effect.
  • Smart Capture: Our intelligent software can automatically detect various conditions and quietly optimizes for accuracy and clarity. It’s professional quality, automated.
  • Pro mode: A new robust Pro Mode lets you fine-tune settings like ISO, shutter speed, and more. Use the histogram, grid lines, and level features to take better photos, then capture RAW photos for professional-grade post production.

The OnePlus 5 Now Comes in a Limited Edition Soft Gold

All of that and the OnePlus 5 now comes in a stunning Soft Gold. This limited edition release has 6 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, and, of course, the dual camera. Add in their super-speedy Dash Charge technology, and you have a gorgeous smartphone that offers good run time and charges up quickly when the battery is low.

The new limited Edition OnePlus 5 in soft gold can be ordered starting on August 7 at 12:00 PM EDT. Check it out here.

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