Meet Your New Year’s Goals with Nokia Health Products

If 2018 is the year you have determined will be the time when you get yourself back in shape, two items that you should put on your wish list are the Nokia Steel Activity and Sleep Watch and the Nokia Body Cardio Scale.

Let’s take a look at each!

Nokia Steel Activity and Sleep Watch

Available starting at $129.99 in black or white (or in special editions of rose gold and full black) and with several additional bands to choose from, the Nokia Steel is a connected fitness tracker that will look good whether you are working out or simply working in your office.

At 36mm, the watch is a fashionable size for both men and women. It’s connected to your Android or iPhone, so you never have to worry about updating the time when you travel, and it is constantly syncing your sleep and activity information so that you can check your progress through the excellent Nokia Health Mate app (which I’ve written in-depth about before).

The watch’s battery lasts for about 8 months, and when it dies you can simply slip in a new CR2025 cell with the included case back removal tool. The watch will track your steps, distance, and calories, and when you run or swim (it’s waterproof up to 165 feet deep) those activities will also be automatically tracked. I like that the watch is so slim and light that it is comfortable to sleep in — perfect for those of us who like to know about the quality and length of our sleep.

Meet Your New Year's Goals with Nokia Health Products

The inner circle tracks your fitness; it will go from 0 to 100% as you get closer to your goal.

There’s even a built-in alarm to help wake you up and keep you on track.

Meet Your New Year's Goals with Nokia Health Products

There are plenty of choices if basic black and white don’t appeal to you.

The included silicone strap is perfect for sweating and swimming, and while it looks great as is, you can spend an extra $49.95 to get a gorgeous brown leather with a white stitched band. The bands are easy to remove and replace because Nokia Steel uses a simple built-in slider on each strap to insert the watch band pins.

I know that there has been some argument that keeping track of your activity isn’t a great way to lose weight because people tend to think they can eat more when their tracker is telling them how active they’ve been, but my experience has been that if I am not wearing a tracker, I simply don’t move enough. A tracker that looks good and that’s one I want to wear has been a valuable tool for me to keep track of my steps because looking down and seeing that I’ve only got 50% or worse — 25% — of the steps I want to do each day reminds me to get out of my chair and move. You don’t ever have to take the Nokia Steel off, since the battery lasts for so long and since it is waterproof, so it is a great tool that will help keep you motivated. Just don’t look at your steps taken as an excuse to eat those extra potato chips and chocolates; let’s be reasonable here!

If you like wearing a watch, and you want a watch that can track your steps and sleep, the Nokia Steel is a great choice. The Nokia Steel is available for $129.99, and you can get it here.


Nokia Body Cardio Scale

One of the most effective and powerful tools I’ve used as I lost (and kept off!) 40+ pounds over the last few years has been a Withings (now Nokia) connected scale. I simply hop on it each morning and see how I’m doing; my progress (or lack thereof) is quickly sent via WiFi to my Nokia Health Mate app, and I know immediately if I am on track, or if I need to be a little more aggressive about watching what I eat on a particular day.

Meet Your New Year's Goals with Nokia Health Products

The Nokia Body Cardio Scale doesn’t just measure your weight, it also measures BMI, body fat, water percentage, muscle and bone mass. It will also check your cardiovascular health by taking a measurement of your heart rate and pulse wave velocity through your feet! The scale will also tell you the morning and afternoon weather as it gives you your stats, so there’s no need to ask your partner what the weather is going to be like as you’re getting ready. It will also display your previous day’s steps if you use either a Nokia fitness tracker or the tracker built into the Healthmate app.

One of the things I like about this updated scale is that when the internal battery gets low, you can simply plug it in to charge — no more batteries in the trash! This is a welcome upgrade, and I approve!

Meet Your New Year's Goals with Nokia Health Products

All you have to do is stand on the scale for a few seconds as the measurements are taken, and it will log yours (and other family members) stats into the Nokia Health Mate app.

The Nokia Body Cardio Scale is thin, stable, and it’s loaded with tech to help you (and your loved ones) stay on track as you lose weight and maintain fitness. I can’t get over the build quality on this scale, to be honest. This is my third Withings (now Nokia) scale, and the difference is starling. Don’t get me wrong — the previous Withings scales were very nice, but opening the Nokia version was like unwrapping a new MacBook — impressive.

Meet Your New Year's Goals with Nokia Health Products

Available in black or white, the Body Cardio Scale will look good in your bathroom as it helps you look good!

Meet Your New Year's Goals with Nokia Health Products

The Nokia Body Cardio Scale is available for $179.95, and you can get it here.

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