It’s Not Too Late! Last Minute Gift Guide Ideas

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It's Not Too Late! Last Minute Gift Guide Ideas Listen to this article

Catalyst Impact Protection Case for iPhone X – $39.99

It's Not Too Late! Last Minute Gift Guide Ideas

If you’re not a fan of thicker cases and want to be as minimalistic with your phone case on your iPhone X, all the while protecting your smartphone from drops, get the Catalyst Impact case. I’ve used the case personally and it’s amazing how it’s saved my hide quite a few times with my phone on the edge of my desk at work, taking a tumble and surviving that drop without damaging the front or back glass.

It's Not Too Late! Last Minute Gift Guide Ideas

Did I mention that since the case actually is clear on the rear, you can show off how great the device looks. It’s not waterproof unfortunately, but Catalyst does have their Waterproof model currently on pre-order. But I still suggest picking up the Impact case by Catalyst.

PodPocket – $19.95

It's Not Too Late! Last Minute Gift Guide Ideas

Apple’s AirPods are one of the most sought out products for the holiday season, so much so that they are currently on backorder until 2018. However if you currently have a pair, or giving a pair away as a gift, you should really pair the wireless headphones with the PodPocket. Essentially a case for your AirPods, I’ve found the case to not only protect the easily scratch-prone white case of the AirPods, but you can even attach your AirPods to your keys so you’ll never be without them. You can pick up the PodPocket from Best Buy, or directly from the PodPocket site.

Elgato Eve Degree – $65.98

It's Not Too Late! Last Minute Gift Guide Ideas

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

Earlier this year Judie reviewed the Elgato Eve Degree and loved it. The HomeKit compatible weather station is the perfect tracker for your homes air quality, humidity and temperature. A must have for any home or stocking stuffer, you can pick up the Elgato Eve Degree currently on Amazon for $65.

Elgato Eve Energy – $49.95

It's Not Too Late! Last Minute Gift Guide Ideas

What better gift to give a friend that a start to their smart home? The Elgato Eve Energy is a switch and power meter that hopes to assist in lowering your electricity bill with it’s usage, and with the Elgato Eve app you can check to see how much power your appliances are consuming, all without a bridge. You can pick one up today.

Elgato Eve Door & Window – $39.95

Know when all of your guest come in and out of your home with the Elgato Eve Door & Window. With simple setup instructions just like any other Elgato product, the Elgato Eve Door & Window give you insight on who’s entering your place, and fully works with Siri and Apple’s HomeKit. Available now for $39.95.

Elgato Eve Room & Eve Motion – Starting at $49.93

It's Not Too Late! Last Minute Gift Guide Ideas

Elgato’s Eve Room is a wireless indoor sensor that is battery operated, and allows you to get a broader sense of your home’s air quality, but in a little white frame that doesn’t have the LED screen like the Eve Degree. This is a minimalistic approach to home monitoring, all while working to give insight on your home every single day. The Eve Motion works in similar fashion showing you notifications when there’s movement detected in your home. The two of these products are a great gift for the in-laws, friends, or even as a nice White Elephant gift for the holidays.

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