It’s Not Too Late! Last Minute Gift Guide Ideas

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It's Not Too Late! Last Minute Gift Guide Ideas Listen to this article

AiroSpa Pillow – $29.95

It's Not Too Late! Last Minute Gift Guide Ideas

When you’re flying over the holidays, the AiroSpa needs to be the accessory in your carry-on. I’ve had some of the most uncomfortable sleep on airplanes, in hotels, and even other people’s homes because their pillows were not great, or just because of my poor sleeping habits. The AiroSpa looks to rectify that for anyone, promising improved sleep for everyone.

It's Not Too Late! Last Minute Gift Guide Ideas

So if you know someone who snores, this is perfect. If you have a friend who wants to improve their posture or even relief stress, the AiroSpa is that bridge getting you to great relaxation. Included with a few aromatherapy oils, and an included fan, the AiroSpa is only missing one thing, a masseuse. You can pick up one today for $29.95 directly from their site.

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

NVIDIA Shield TV – $169.99

The best gift for ANYONE in your family, from the kids to your grandparents isn’t a fancy speaker that talks or a smartwatch, it’s the NVIDIA Shield TV. If you know a cord cutter, or just someone who watches Netflix and Hulu, the NVIDIA SHIELD TV does it all as both a media player and gaming device. Currently on sale for $169.99, the NVIDIA SHIELD runs 4k HDR, and running on the Android platform, you can access all of your Google content or even Google Assistant courtesy of this baby. It’s smart home ready, comes with a gaming controller, and if you buy today you even get three free months of YouTube Red. There’s no reason NOT to make this a gift for that special person in your family this holiday season.

ARA Toothbrush – $129

Everyone needs a toothbrush right? Why not get yourself one that’s a bit smarter than those traditional ones in department stores? Let me ask you, have you had a toothbrush that monitors your progress over time, as well as timing you and your frequency? The Aura Toothbrush does this all, and with the companion Kolibree app, your toothbrush syncs wirelessly to your smartphone so you can see in real-time which areas you need to work on brushing a bit harder. This is a GREAT gift for anyone, including yourself, and can even prevent bad news from the dentist. You can purchase one directly from their site today.

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