TigerLight D.A.D. 2 Defense Alert Device: A Non-Lethal Self Defense and Alert System

If you regularly take the subway, ride a bus, jog in the early morning or evening hours, or walk around campus during hours when it’s dark, you might have felt that uneasy feeling that you get when you know something could happen, but you aren’t quite sure that you’re prepared for it. A D.A.D. 2 Defense Alert Device can help.

The D.A.D. 2 is a discreet device that can fit in your purse, bag, or larger pocket. It is also made to be comfortably carried in hand, practically unnoticed, when you are in an area that makes you feel unsafe.

Included in the package are the D.A.D. 2, an AA battery, a test spray canister, and a canister of military strength sabre red pepper spray. What sets the D.A.D. 2 apart from other pepper sprays is that it also has a built-in multi-mode 150 Lumens CREE LED in its bottom which includes a panic strobe, high, low, constant strobe, and SOS modes. Via Bluetooth, the D.A.D. 2 can also send an alert with your GPS location to “anyone with the D.A.D.® app within a one-mile radius, and to those in your D.A.D.™ contact list, regardless of distance.”

Here’s a quick rundown of the features …

The D.A.D. 2 is made of polycarbonate; it is 5” long by 1.75″ wide by 1″ thick, and it weighs 4.4 ounces. Available in chrome, gunmetal black, matte black, rose gold, and metallic pink, the D.A.D. 2 can be confidently carried by men and women alike.

The top slides off to reveal the pieces that you remove to insert the battery and pepper spray cartridge; you unscrew the flashlight button to insert the battery, and the spray canister goes under the removable nozzle.

Be smart and try the test canister the first time you load the D.A.D. 2; do it outside, too. While the test canister isn’t going to make you gasp, freeze, and tear up, it still has a bit of an odor.

There’s a removable rubber strap that makes sure that you won’t drop the D.A.D. 2 even when panicked.

The back button (closest to you) is the multi-mode LED button; The first push activates a panic-mode strobe light; double pressing the light turns off the strobe and turns on the flashlight.

The button in the very front is the pepper spray release and panic button. When you have the app installed on your Android or iOS device, pressing the spray button partially until it clicks will send an alert only; pressing it all the way will release the spray and send out an alert to anyone else with a D.A.D. device (within a mile radius) or the people you’ve specified on your contact list — even if they are across the country or around the world. Be advised that the pepper spray (or the test spray) will spew out in a noxious stream — don’t use it unless you really mean to hurt someone.

The design minimizes unnecessary movements by eliminating the need to call upon fine motor skills that dissipate or disappear altogether under adrenaline based stress.

The D.A.D.® alert prompts the receiver to call 911, and provides directions to your location, should the receiver be able to provide immediate assistance in person. Anyone with a smart phone can download the D.A.D.® app with Crowd Alert™ today for free, because when it comes to personal safety, we are all in this together.

The D.A.D. 2 Defense Alert Device is easy to keep in hand, whether you are walking, jogging, hiking, or doing anything else; it will also comfortably fit in either the right or left hand (you can swap the direction of the hand strap or max comfort) so you will be more likely to carry it.

If you or a loved one are often in local areas that make you feel a little less secure than you’d like, the D.A.D. 2 is a great non-lethal yet proactive tool to add to your arsenal.

The D.A.D. 2 Defense Alert Device retails for $129.99 (discounts are available when you order three or more), and it is available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Hand strap that keeps it securely in place when walking, hiking, or jogging; Ergonomic and light; Not much chance of accidentally blasting someone with the pepper spray; Attractive design; Easy to set up; Panic button mode; Built-in flashlight and panic strobe; Test spray canister is included

What Needs Improvement: Expensive, but they do offer discounts when you order more than three

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