Mommy Toolbox’s Carabean Review

Every mom carries around a basic toolbox, whether it be stowed in her diaper bag or purse. The child’s age will dictate what gear must be carried, whether it’s bottles, binkies and rattles, or tissues, snack money and aspirin. The cleverly named company, Mommy Toolbox, has created a line of products meant to make mom’s (and dad’s) lives easier; their first product is the Carabean, a lead-free rubbery paint coated aluminum clip that can function as a much needed third or fourth hand.

Packaged in pairs, I was sent a set in black licorice; they are also available in buttercup yellow, cotton candy pink, pumpkin orange, snow cone blue, and neon green apple…

Mommy Toolbox's Carabean Review

Measuring 4.25″ tall by 3.75″ wide, the clip is kidney bean shaped so that it will fit over a stroller’s handle; it will also work on a shopping cart, bicycle, or any other bar up to 2″ wide. When the Carabean is in place, it can hold a purse strap, diaper bag, grocery bags, blanket, or it can be attached to a child’s toy to keep it accessible and off the ground.

From the Mommy Toolbox site:

Creator Mary Kay Holmes came up with the idea for the clips after watching friends struggle with all of their baby gear. She searched for the perfect clip and when she couldn’t find one, she designed her own.

Carabeans are intentionally a different shape than their rugged heavy load bearing carabiner cousins. While they feel quite strong and they have a very snappy clippy action, they aren’t meant to hoist a human’s body weight; hopefully no one will foolishly be tempted use one to climb Everest.

Carabeans excel at allowing you to keep things accessible and off the ground. They can be used singly to attach a bottle to a stroller handle…

Mommy Toolbox's Carabean Review

…or they can be used in pairs to hang a diaper bag or purse from a stroller or cart’s handle…

Mommy Toolbox's Carabean Review

…or they can be linked together to form chains – great for keeping a baby or toddler’s favorite toy nearby and clean.

Mommy Toolbox's Carabean Review

I don’t have a baby carriage that I regularly push around, so I have come up with a slightly alternative use for my set…

Mommy Toolbox's Carabean Review

…they hang very nicely from the sissy bars on a Polaris Ranger. Hey, you never know what might need securing when riding in the pasture. A lone Carabean can perfectly hold a clean towel or a pair of flip flops on days when a dip in the stock tank is in order. 😉

Mommy Toolbox’s Carabean is a handy tool that is simple and useful – and not just by parents. The wider bean shape allows the securing of more oddly sized items than a traditionally shaped carabiner might hold, and the convenience of having items right where you need them – accessible, clean, and secure, makes this a gadget that should be in any mom or dad’s toolbox.

Mommy Toolbox’s Carabean is available on the company website, as well as from stores that specialize in selling baby products.

MSRP: $9.99/pair

What I Like: Great way to secure items to the handlebar on a bike, stroller, or shopping cart; can be used singly, in pairs, or in chains depending upon need; alternative uses abound

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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