eBags TLS Hybrid Carry-On Is Great Travel Luggage


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If you are traveling for the holidays, and want to breeze through the airport with ease, look no further than eBags TLS Hybrid Spinner Carry-On. We had the opportunity to check the bag out, and it’s quickly become my essential carry-on bag.

eBags TLS Hybrid Carry-On Is Great Travel Luggage

Available in five different colors, I received the traditional Black version and while this is a frequent color you might see on the conveyor belt if you do decide to check your bag, the TLS Hybrid set’s itself apart thanks to its polyester front, with a hard side backside made of polycarbonate.

This is great for someone who is used to hard shell luggage, but still wants the luxury of front pockets. I would envy Jess’ luggage having pockets on the front so she could store her phone and any other accessories on the go, where I would have to physically open up my luggage to find last-minute items. However, the hard-shell back means your items won’t get crushed when you put it in the overhead storage.

eBags TLS Hybrid Carry-On Is Great Travel Luggage

The front of the TLS Hybrid’s main and pocket zippers look in place with D-ring zippers that are sewn into the bag, which means you won’t end up accidentally breaking your zippers while trying to close up the compartments.

eBags TLS Hybrid Carry-On Is Great Travel Luggage

On the inside of the bag, the first thing that you notice is the signature orange lining which to me is great not because I enjoy the color orange, but because I can easily find items inside of the TLS Hybrid. On the left side of the carry-on, you’ll notice that this compartment can be zipped up which is great for keeping items separate like my running shoes or dirty clothes. On the right side, you’ll see two tie-down straps which I use to keep my shirts and pants even and flat so that things don’t fold down and wrinkle. More recently at a wedding, I was able to fold down my suit jacket into the luggage (as it stayed in the suit bag), and it was not ruined at all.

eBags TLS Hybrid Carry-On Is Great Travel Luggage

What I love the most about the luggage though (other than the completely roll-able wheels) had to be the fact this luggage expands. Since the carry-on is a bit on the small size due to TSA’s ever-changing regulations on luggage size, it’s nice to know that with the additional zipper on the side, you can expand the carry-on a little over an inch to add small gifts or items into your suitcase for that trip you’re about to take.

eBags TLS Hybrid Carry-On Is Great Travel Luggage

Overall, while I’ve used plenty of suitcases both carry-on and checked, but what sets the eBags brand apart is that they have a great return policy if you don’t enjoy the product, and price-wise they are comparable to other big-name brands on the market. Not to mention, eBags actually sells some of those brands such as Samsonite, Tumi, and Jansport. However for the price, and the same quality, I suggest going with the TLS Hybrid from eBags, and you can pick it up today for $199.99 by clicking here.

eBags TLS Hybrid Carry-On Is Great Travel Luggage

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Smaller size makes for a perfect carry-on; Available in 5 colors; Separate compartments for easy organization; Great return policy; Hardshell back

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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