Mophie Wireless Charging Base Review

Mophie is no stranger to wireless charging on the iPhone – they managed to bring wireless charging to the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus before Apple integrated it into the iPhone X with their charge force cases. Their new wireless charging base, however, is an ideal solution for the iPhone X/8/8+ and other smartphones that support Qi wireless technology.

Mophie Wireless Charging Base Review

But you might be wondering — if there are lots of similar wireless charging bases out there, why go with Mophie’s? For starters, Mophie’s wireless charging base supports 7.5W fast-charging speeds which gives it an edge over most other bases. This feature was unlocked by Apple in the recent iOS 11.2 update. When we tested the wireless charging base with the iPhone X, the iPhone X took about 7+ hours to charge from 0 to 100%. Believe it or not, that is actually as fast as you can get from wireless charging with the iPhone X. If you want the iPhone X to charge faster,  you’ll have to go wired.

And unlike some cheaper products, Mophie’s wireless charging base comes with smart charging circuitry that makes sure your device never over charges and prevents over heating. It’s also able to detect foreign objects that aren’t compatible with the base, thus ensuring that power is only sent to compatible wireless devices. It’s features like these that make Mophie’s price premium worth it.

When it comes to its design, the wireless charging base isn’t very exciting, but it is very practical. To that effect, we appreciate its non-slip grip made of TPU coating and thats it’s hefty enough not to slide around on your desk or shelf. Just be careful to align your phone correctly on the charging base or else it won’t start charging. A small light indicator will light up when you’ve done it correctly.

Overall, we highly recommend Mophie’s wireless charging base for anyone with a Qi compatible wireless device. At $59.99, the wireless charging base might not be as affordable as some competing wireless charging bases out there, but its 7.5W fast charging support and its “smart” features like over charge protection, make it absolutely worth the extra premium.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review items

What I Like: 7.5W fast-charging speed support; Non-slip rubberized coating; Over charge protection and foreign object protection; Hefty weight ensures it won’t slip around; Supports iPhone X and several Android phone models; Starts charging the phone quickly on contact

What Need Improvement: Proprietary charging cable; You must align the phone properly on the charging pad because if it’s a little off, it won’t charge

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