Speck Cases for iPhone X Roundup

If you got one of the amazing iPhone X smartphones for Christmas, Chanukkah, or Festivus you know it’s a great pocket computer. You also know it needs a good case to protect the glass on both the front and the back. Fortunately, Speck has some great options that look great and do a nice job of protecting your pricey iPhone.

Speck Presidio Grip for iPhone X

First up is the Speck Presidio Grip for iPhone X. As Speck puts it, this case lets you, “stop drops before they happen with a no-slip grip.”

The Presidio Grip line offers two layers of protection and will keep your iPhone safe against drops up to 10 feet. The first layer is a polycarbonate outer shell. It looks great, is available in a range of color combinations, and has a matte texture with a scratch-resistant finish. That means the case will stay looking great for a long, long time.

The second layer is a shock-absorbing IMPACTIUM Shock Barrier. This protects the phone during a drop without the need to ensconce your phone in something big, bulky and heavy. As with all Speck cases, the Grip line was independently lab tested to make sure it will offer the promised degree of protection from drops. As Speck explains:

We test to protect against extreme drops, extreme temperatures, chemicals, antenna interference, cracks and abrasions, device bending, and more.

In addition, the Grip lineup of cases gets its name because it has angled rubber ridges on the back of the case. The ridges feel comfortable in the hand while helping you keep a grip on the phone. That makes it less likely you will drop your device but, if you do, it is good to know there are two layers of protection wrapped around it.

The basic Presidio grip comes in a range of color combinations that includes:

  • Black/Black
  • White/Black
  • Graphite Grey/Charcoal Grey
  • Dolphin Grey/Aloe Green
  • Aster Purple/Heliotrope Purple
  • Dove Grey/Tart Pink
  • Eclipse Blue/Carbon Black
  • Surf Teal/Mykonos Blue
  • Black/Dark Poppy Red

Features include:

  • PROTECTIVE NO-SLIP GRIP: Angled rubber ridges on the back of the case provide a no-slip grip no matter how you hold your phone.

  • SCRATCH-RESISTANT FINISH: Matte texture stands up to daily wear and tear.

  • RAISED BEZEL SCREEN PROTECTION: Raised edge protects screen during a drop and when your phone is resting screen-side down.

  • QI WIRELESS CHARGING COMPATIBLE: Presidio cases work with the QI wireless charging standard that Apple uses for the iPhone X.
  • LAB-TESTED DURABILITY: All Speck cases are independently lab tested for multiple real-life situations. We test to protect against extreme drops, extreme temperatures, chemicals, antenna interference, cracks and abrasions, device bending, and more.

The basic Presidio Grip has an MSRP of $39.95 but are currently available for just $25.97. Check out the full range here.

Presidio Grip plus Glitter for iPhone X

I think the Presidio Grip looks great. Others, however might want something with a bit more bling. For them there is the Presidio Grip plus Glitter for iPhone X.

These cases offer all the same features but also sparkle thanks to the glitter baked into the case itself. Available in either Bella Pink with Gold Glitter and Dahlia Peach or Obsidian Black with Gold Glitter with Black.

The case features are the same and include the dual layers of protection, the lay-on-the-table design and the protective no-slip grip. And, of course, it too is compatible with the Qi Wireless Charging that makes the iPhone X so awesome.

An added feature worthy of note is the fact that the glitter crystals are embedded into the case’s hard outer layer. That means they won’t scratch or flake off as you use the case.

The Presidio Grip plus Glitter for iPhone X has an MSRP of $44.95 but is currently just $29.92. Check it out here.

Presidio Wallet Case for iPhone X

The Presidio Grip cases are great if you are only looking to protect your phone. If, however, you tend to use Apple Pay and therefore just need your license and health insurance card, there’s a case for you. It’s called the Presidio Wallet Case for iPhone X.

The Presidio Wallet Case for iPhone X has the same DNA are the Presidio Grip. It has a the same dual-layer design that protects the phone against drops up to 10 feet. It has the same scratch resistant finish and lay-on-the-table protection.

What makes the Speck Presidio Wallet Case for iPhone X stand out is the card slot in the back.

It holds up to three cards securely thanks to a patented secure card holder design. If you are looking to travel light and want your iPhone case to double as a minimalist wallet, this $44.95 case is the one for you. Check it out here.

Presidio Ultra iPhone Case

Sometimes you need more protection that the Presidio Grip or Presidio Grip Wallet Case offers. That’s where the Speck Presidio Ultra iPhone Case comes in. It offers an impressive 15 feet of drop protection when you need it and minimal bulk when you don’t. “The ultimate dirt, dust, and drop protection,” the Presidio Ultra is a most unusual case and reflects Speck’s years of experience designing some of the best, most protective iPhone cases on the market.

FOUR LAYERS OF PROTECTION AGAINST DROPS UP TO 15 FEET: Presidio ULTRA has two layers of IMPACTIUM™ rubber and two layers of polycarbonate for our most extreme drop protection yet.

The Presidio Ultra had three different parts.

First there is the Presidio Slim Protective Case. While lacking the ridges that make the Presidio Grip have… grip, it looks and feels similar. It has the same dual layer protective design, protects the corners by combining the two materials at the point and the screen with a bit of lay-on-the-table protection while still having precise cutouts to you can access and activate all the ports and buttons.

The Presidio Slim Protective Case can be used on its own and you will get a goodly amount of protection when you do.

If, however, you need that bit of extra protection because, for example, you are going hiking, you will want to add the included Ultra Bumper.

This fits over the Slim Protective Case and adds a second set of dual-protective materials that includes the IMPACTIUM Shock Barrier.

That combination means your phone will be protective against drops up to 15 feet.

The Ultra Bumper adds a series of port protections that will help keep dust from getting into Lighting connector. The combination of the Slim Protective Case and the Ultra Bumper create a case that is a bit bulky but still thinner than many of the “extreme” cases we have seen over the years. Add in the fact that you can quickly add or remove the Ultra Bumper and you have the best of both worlds.

Finally, since this is not a case you will likely want to carry in your pocket, Speck includes a holster. It not only clips to your belt or your backpack’s shoulder strap but it also doubles as a viewing stand.

It is an impressive combination and its worth running down the various features:

  • RUGGED PROTECTION WITH THE FREEDOM OF SLIM PROTECTION: The removable Ultra Bumper adds two additional layers of protection when you need it. Easily take it off when you want a slimmer case.

  • 360-DEGREE PORT PROTECTION: Port and button covers and a mute switch dial protect against dust and dirt.
  • ULTRA BUMPER: The ULTRA Bumper features a no-slip grip, works with most screen protectors, and is easy to remove for cleaning.
  • RUGGED HOLSTER INCLUDED: Holster with 360-degree belt clip that doubles as a stand.

At just $49.95, it is a great deal if you need serious protection. Check it out here.

Speck’s ShieldView Glass Pro iPhone Screen Protector

Finally, if you are taking the time and going to the expense of purchasing a Speck case for your iPhone X, you will want to consider protecting the screen as well. Speck’s ShieldView Glass Pro iPhone Screen Protector has you covered. As Speck notes:

Our premium glass screen protector has a multi-layer design, with an easy-application adhesive, PET protective layer, tempered glass layer with sapphire-treated perimeter, and an oil- and smudge-resistant coating. Shieldview Pro provides superior durability and shatter resistance without added bulk.

Features include:

The ultra-thin design fits your iPhone perfectly and doesn’t interfere with your screen’s touch sensitivity. An anti-glare finish makes it easy to see your screen, even in direct light.

  • Sapphire-treated tempered glass edge: Sapphire treatment prevents chips on the edge of the screen protector.
  • Shatter resistant: Durable 9H hardness glass protects your screen from impact and resists shattering.
  • Superior scratch resistance: Premium high-temperature treated glass resists scratches.
  • Smudge repelling: Fingerprint and dirt-resistant finish prevents marks and smudges.
  • Precision design: ShieldView Glass fits your phone screen precisely.
  • No interference: Screen protector doesn’t affect the touch sensitivity of the screen, so you won’t even notice it’s there.
  • Anti-glare: Low-reflection design reduces glare.

Each ShieldView Glass Pro iPhone Screen Protector is $49.95.

Each of these cases offers great protection and some nice design features. Depending on your personal taste and needs, Speck has something for you! Check out all their offerings here!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review items



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