Incipio iPhone X Case Roundup

If you are looking for a fantastic range of stylish, protective, and affordable cases for your iPhone X, check out Incipio’s offerings. Whether you go for the simple Dual-Pro Sport, the light Octane, the refined Esquire, or the wallet-ready Esquire Folio, there’s something for everyone. Let’s take a quick look at each.

Incipio iPhone X Case Roundup

The DualPro Sport

Incipio iPhone X Case Roundup


The Incipio DualPro Sport offers “ultimate dial-latter protection” for the iPhone X. The $39.99 case comes in two parts.

Incipio iPhone X Case Roundup

The interior piece is a soft, flexible material designed to absorb shocks if the phone gets bumped or dropped. It has an unusual diamond lattice design.

Incipio iPhone X Case Roundup

The unusual design is not simply there for aesthetic reasons. Nope, while it looks neat, the design provides impact dispersion and is effective at helping to keep an iPhone safe from up to ten feet high if dropped. (I’ll take Incipio’s word since I’m not about to test this out with my over-priced iPhone.)

Incipio iPhone X Case Roundup

The second piece of this case is a hard, translucent shell that snaps over the interior piece. It is translucent and lets the diamond pattern of the interior portion come through.

Incipio iPhone X Case Roundup

When the two pieces are together it creates a unified case that is protective AND looks good. It is, however, a bit slippery in the hand. As Incipio explains:

Dynamic protection meets active aesthetic in the DualPro Sport for iPhone X. Designed for drops, it’s built with a diamond lattice interior structure that provides impact dispersion from drops up to ten feet high. A translucent polycarbonate back shows off your device, while working overtime to defend against damage from dust, dirt and debris.

Incipio iPhone X Case Roundup

The case comes in Black/Smoke, Coral/Clear and Volt/Spoke. It features:

  • Rigid, scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell
  • Shock absorbent, diamond lattice interior
  • Translucent exterior shows off device
  • Compatible with Qi wireless chargers

It is a rather interesting case that looks amazing and offers decent protection. Check it out here.

The Octane

Incipio iPhone X Case Roundup


The Octane looks like a simple case, but there is far more going on than meets the eye. It is designed to look good, feel light, and absorb impact if you happen to drop your phone. That’s why the packaging refers to this as a “Co-Molded Impact-Absorbing Case.”

Incipio iPhone X Case Roundup

The one-piece case slips on and off your iPhone with ease.

The back is made from a translucent material that creates a rigid shell. That means the glass back of the iPhone X is protected, but the good looks of Apple’s flagship iPhone aren’t hidden.

Incipio iPhone X Case Roundup

And while the case looks as if it is created from a single material, there is a different material that creates the sides. It is a shock-absorbing material with the added advantage of rigid, so you can get, and keep, a good grip on the phone.

By melding the two different materials you end up with a case that offers the right type of protection for the iPhone’s back AND the right type of material for protecting the phone’s sides and corner if it slips out of your hands. (Of course, the aforementioned rigid on the stick absorbing bumper make it less likely the phone slips.)

Inicio describes the $24.99 case this way:

Incipio’s impact absorbing Octane Case is precision engineered with a rigid Plextonium polycarbonate back shell and a shock absorbent Flex2O TPU textured bumper. Finished with a hard shell back and contrasting colorful bumper, the Octane Case takes protection to the next level.

Incipio iPhone X Case Roundup

Available in Black, Mint, Navy, Plum and Sand, the OCTANE features:

  • Compatible with Qi wireless chargers
  • Co-molded design for added protection
  • Shock-absorbing flexible bumper
  • Rigid polycarbonate shell
  • Added Grip
  • Drop tested 6 ft.

Of course, it is compatible with Qi wireless chargers so you will never need to plug your iPhone X in. Check it out here.

The Esquire Series

The Incipio Esquire series of cases is a bit of a departure for Incipio. As they explain:

We designed the Esquire Series as an extension of your everyday wardrobe. The Texture, the fabrics, the fades- these are just a few of the details that make all the difference. Hansome, yet protective, Esquire Cases defend your phone from accidental drops and scuffs, while maintaining a slim frame that fits comfortably in your hand and pocket.

The Carnaby Esquire for iPhone X

Incipio iPhone X Case Roundup

The ESQUIRE Series includes a simple snap on case that looks and feels fantastic. Made from two different materials that are bonded together, it is a lesson in contrasts.

Incipio iPhone X Case Roundup

On the interior, there is a hard shell made from a shock-absorbing polymer material. Cutouts for the camera, speakers, Lightning port, and mute toggle are precise and make for a refined case. The buttons are covered with the same, shock-absorbing TPU material and are clearly differentiated so activating them is as simple as it would be were you using the phone without a case.

Incipio iPhone X Case Roundup

A second material covers the back and half of the sides, top, and bottom. It has the look and feel of fabric adding a huge amount of class to an otherwise simple case.

Incipio iPhone X Case Roundup

Inicio describes the $34.99 this way:

Elevate your style with the Incipio Carnaby Esquire Series Case. Expertly crafted for reliable protection and durability, the Carnaby Esquire Series Case features a sleek co-molded design comprised of a sturdy hard shell and shock absorbing polymer material. Complete with protective TPU button coverage and an ultra-soft cotton finish for superior comfort and sophistication, you’ll never need to sacrifice style for protection again.

The case is Qi wireless charger compatible and features:

  • Durable co-molded materials deliver long-lasting protection in a sleek and stylish design
  • Protect your phone in elegant style with the ultra-soft fabric finish
  • Impact-resistant TPU frame disperses shock from harsh bumps and drops

The Incipio Carnaby, Esquire Series Case, is available in blue, forest gray, and gray. It may be simple, but this case looks and feels great. Check it out here.


Incipio Carnaby Folio for iPhone X

Incipio iPhone X Case Roundup

There is a second case for the Esquire Series that is worth checking out. The Incipio Carnaby Folio is the result of a merger between an impact-resistant frame and soft interior material and a refined cloth cover. As the company explains:

Heighten your style with dapper protection from the Carnaby Rotating Case for the iPhone X. Luxurious fabric expertly tailored to fit over an impact resistant frame covers your device in refined tones while an interior case snugly holds the device, easily rotating to and from vertical to suit your preferred viewing angle.

Incipio iPhone X Case Roundup

A folio-style case, you can rest assured your screen is protected by the cover when not in use. At the same time, the addition of the cover means the case weighs more than the others in this roundup. Inside the cover are two slots. That’s right; this case can also double as your wallet! And while it is compatible with Qi Wireless chargers, Incipio notes that, in this case, the Qi compatibility is only in effect when you don’t use metal credit cards.

Incipio iPhone X Case Roundup

There’s one more feature worth noting. Most of the time folio-style cases have an interior frame that simply holds the phone in place. With the Carnaby Rotating Case, however, Incipio made the internal frame able to rotate. (That, of course, is the reason it has the name it has.) Open the case, rotate the phone and bend case back just a bit and… you have a built-in stand for your iPhone X. It’s a pretty nifty trick that makes this case an even better, more useful tool.

The case retails for $49.99 and features:

  • Two credit card slots
  • Magnetic foldover closure
  • Soft touch coating
  • Rotating base

If you like a folio-style case, you will want to check it out here.

These are just a few of the great cases Incio has to offer. Visit them to see the entire range of cases for the iPhone X and many of your other favorite phones too!


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