Be Completely Untangled While Blow Drying Thanks to VOLO Go

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VOLO Beauty, a beauty startup that’s sole focus is to create innovative hair technology for its users took to CES in Vegas to announce the VOLO Go, a completely wireless hair dryer that promises to untangle your hair — and you — from the wall.

Be Completely Untangled While Blow Drying Thanks to VOLO Go

Set to be available in Summer 2018, the VOLO Go is a cordless, battery-powered solution to hair management that is the first engineered product according to Ryan Goldman, CEO of the company.

“Most hairdryers are the same thing in a different package. Hair appliances are a $20 billion a year market, and yet they still require consumers to plug into a wall.” Jonathan Friedman, President, furthers, “Between the VOLO infrared heat element, which is healthier for hair, and the lithium-ion battery, the VOLO Go is a feat of engineering that will disrupt the hot tools market. Debuting our product at a tech-driven show is important to us because it highlights the VOLO difference: this isn’t your run-of-the-mill hair dryer. This is brand new cordless technology that redefines a category and, more importantly, solves a problem by offering active women more freedom in their heat styling, as well as healthier hair.”

Be Completely Untangled While Blow Drying Thanks to VOLO Go

For more information about the VOLO Go, check out today.

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