HoMedics Aims for Your Total Relaxation in 2018

The number one brand in massage products, HoMedics, took to CES in Vegas this week to showcase three new products that will give users total relaxation in 2018.

The first of the three products is HoMedic’s Massage & Spa line. With a variety of chairs, foot spas and hand-held massagers, the HoMedics Message and Spa Line is driven to give users a relaxing professional-level spa experience without dropping the heavy price or enduring the cold winter months all from your home.

HoMedics Aims for Your Total Relaxation in 2018

Next, is HoMedic’s Ellia’s essential oils and diffusers. With around 100 pure and therapeutic grade essential oils and diffusers, users can reduce stress, boost mental clarity, and soothe body and mind at their own luxury.

HoMedics Aims for Your Total Relaxation in 2018

Finally, there’s the HoMedic’s SoundSpa, the audio experience that will give users relaxation through real-life nature sounds that will put you to sleep or put you at ease depending on the settings that you choose. With additional features based on your mood, you can even enhance your bedtime routine over time.

Being the go-to brand for self-care wellness and personal health, Jess and I personally vouch for HoMedics and are actually pretty infatuated with their products. We cannot wait to check out the new products and neither should you. For more information head over to HoMedic’s today.

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