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ingear is an iPhone case company that I hadn’t heard of until they reached out to us at Gear Diary to see if we’d be interested in reviewing some of their cases. I happily accepted and in a short time a giant box filled with iPhone and iPad cases arrived on my doorstep. Based in Singapore, ingear manufacturers accessories for a variety of mobile devices throughout Asia. The company does so with a three-pronged approach. Their goal is to create a product which looks good, functions well and is affordable all at the same time. They were kind enough to send me four different iPhone 4 cases, the first of which we’ll look at today.

Bumper style cases are amongst the most popular style of protect-ants for the iPhone 4. It’s my personal favorite. I find myself using some sort of bumper style case in conjunction with a skin or clear shield on my iPhone 4 most of the time. This not only allows me to keep the iPhone 4 slim and sleek but allows me to show off the device’s natural curves.

The Flexi Grip Edge is ingear’s answer to the bumper. Instead of the smooth, sometimes slippery texture that many bumper cases offer the Flexi Grip offers a raised grip along its edges which helps insure the phone stays where you want it – right in your hand.

Each Flexi Grip case comes complete with protection kit. This not only includes a front screen protector but a back one as well. You’ll also get an install card and cleaning card too.


The Flexi Grip Edge is available in 6 different colors. In addition to the clear version I used for my review you can choose from black, blue, pink, white or red.






The material of the cases is reminiscent of TPU material. It stretches over the iPhone 4 and when installed offers a nice tight fit. This case offers a good amount of lay-on-the-table protection.


Along the bottom of the case you’ll find one cutout for accessing the 30-pin dock connector, main microphone and speaker. This cut out is slightly larger than the one found on the bumper Apple offers so you’ll be able to fit more third party 30-pin accessories inside.


On the left side of the case there’s a small cutout for the vibrate switch which still leaves it fully accessible. The volume buttons get covered by the case but still provide decent feedback when you press them.


On the top the case there is a cutout for the headset jack and secondary microphone. The headset jack cutout is shallow enough to accept most any headphone plug. The sleep/awake button gets covered by the case but just like the volume buttons it still offers nice feedback when you press it.


On the back of your iPhone 4 you’ll get the same lay-on-the-table protection that you get on the front. Since it’s a bumper style case you don’t have to worry about camera cut outs or the flashing bouncing back and washing out your pictures.


Remember the three goals that ingear looks to meet with each of their products? I mentioned them in the beginning of the review (style, function, price.) Ingear has certainly met all three with this case. The Flexi Grip comes in a variety of colors, it’s raised edges not only look good but offer functionality in the form of increased grip too. And oh yeah, the price. At under $12 the Flexi Grip would be a good deal. Add in the fact that you get not only a front screen shield but a back one as well and it might just be one of the best.

Look for more case reviews from ingear coming soon.

You can learn more about the Flexi Grip Edge case from ingear by visiting the product page on the ingear website here.

MSRP: $11.99

What I Liked: Stylish, functional and affordable. Promise delivered.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing.

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