Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro to Feature Multi-Mode Noise Cancellation

Soundcore, Anker’s premium audio brand, took to the virtual stage the present the next generation of their Liberty truly-wireless earbud line, the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro. 

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro

As a fan of the previous Soundcore Liberty earbuds, I was interested in how the brand would outdo themselves. With competition from many other brands like Apple and Jabra, the Liberty Air 2 Pro has been designed to be worn for hours in many different situations. But the engineers at Soundcore wanted to make sure that not only were the Liberty Air 2 Pro comfortable but that the soundstage would be top-notch even with noise-canceling turned on. So they went to work, developing PureNote driver technology, which utilizes ten hardened nanolayers to make up the 11mm driver embedded in each earbud, giving you accurate sound and clarity at low or high frequencies.

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro

According to Rock Geo, General Manager for Headphones for Soundcore: 

“In 2019, Soundcore launched the Liberty 2 Pro, the first in the company’s Pro line of earbuds. The focus then, was to bring premium sound to the true-wireless headphone space. Today, we launch our new Liberty Air 2 Pro earbuds and unveil a new noise cancelling experience that doesn’t compromise the sound in any environment. With an assortment of user customizable elements, from sound profiles to customizable ANC and transparency modes, the Liberty Air 2 Pro allows users to get the best sound for themselves.”

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro worn by Ne-Yo

Introduced with much fanfare at CES, was Soundcore’s implementation of Multi-Mode ANC. The Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro gives you the ability to change the noise cancellation mode with one of four including: 

Transport Mode — When you need to block out low-frequency noises from airplanes or everyday commuting. 

Outdoor Mode — Which uses.a less powerful ANC setting but wider bandwidth to blackout street noises.

Indoor Mode — This mode reduces mid-range frequencies to block out voices like that annoying co-worker, or the chatty couple at the coffee shop. 

Transparency Mode — which comes with two settings. Mode 1 is for total transparency so you can enhance all ambient noise in the background. The ideal use case for this mode is for runners and cyclists that need to safely hear noises on a city street. Alternatively, the second mode focuses on audio, by enhancing voices in the immediate vicinity while reducing background noise. It’s perfect for when you’re waiting for your train to come and need to hear the announcement, but don’t want to continuously pause your audio in order to do so.

Here are some more Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro key features: 

  • Two transparency modes enhance the environment including voices without removing earbuds.
  • 7-hour battery in earbuds with ANC off / 6-hour battery with ANC on
  • Qi wireless charging case with 26-hour battery with ANC off / 21-hour battery with ANC on as well as USB-C charging.
  • Anker Fast Charging technology – 10 minutes charging earbuds = 2 hours of playtime
  • Premium call quality using 6-mic uplink noise reduction helps optimize voices and minimize
    background noise.
  • Customizable user touch controls to set preferences for play/pause, track advance, volume, etc.
  • Voice-assistant compatibility with Siri® at launch and other popular voice-assistants in the future.
  • Nine sets of silicone ear tips, ranging from XXXS to XL and L+ to ensure a proper fit.
  • Bluetooth version – 5.0
  • Waterproof rating – IPX4

Available in four colors — Onyx Black, Titanium White, Sapphire Blue, and Crystal Pink —  the Liberty Air 2 Pro will retail for $129.99; they’ll soon be available on Soundcore, Amazon, and BestBuy. In the coming weeks, they will also be available in the U.K for £129.99, in Europe for €129.99, and in Canada for $169.99 (CAD). 


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