Fibaro is Pressing All of the Right Buttons with Their HomeKit Products

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Fibaro stepped into 2018 in a major way, giving us two new Apple HomeKit-enabled products that will make home automation a bit more simple.

Fibaro is Pressing All of the Right Buttons with Their HomeKit Products

First on the docket is the Fibaro Button, a one-touch scene controller that makes home automation a bit more simple for all of those new HomeKit-enabled products you plan on purchasing this year. The first of it’s kind, the Button can recognize up to three different actions, so if you want to turn off your lights, you can press once, or twice if you want to disconnect the power from your wall, or even trigger your home camera to Away Mode by just holding the button down. Equipped with a buzz feature, you get automatic feedback when The Button is pressed, with the option to turn that off. The Button will ship later this quarter.

Fibaro is Pressing All of the Right Buttons with Their HomeKit Products

Fibaro’s Smart Plug is HomeKit ready as well, giving you the ability to monitor your homes energy usage so you can cut down or monitor your power consumption at any point. This will easily help you connect your smart devices, or even your standard plugs, all while giving them the ability to be controlled by Z-Wave smart hubs, including FIbaro’s Home Center 2 and Home Center Lite. Just like The Button, the Fibaro Smart Plug has no price available yet but is expected to be released this quarter.

For more information on Fibaro’s products, head over to their site by clicking here.

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