Canary Shows off Their Canary Flex HD Weatherproof Camera


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One of the best home security cameras on the market today, Canary, showed up to Showstoppers at CES 2017 to showcase their Canary Flex HD, the world’s first and only indoor and outdoor, weatherproof, HD security camera that doesn’t need wires.

Canary Shows off Their Canary Flex HD Weatherproof Camera

A lot of current owners, including myself use our Canary’s every day to monitor their home, and were pleased late last year when Canary mentioned they would be giving users the option to go corded or not with their Canary Flex HD ($199.99). The weatherproof camera not only features all of the great features from the original Canary, but comes in a more streamlined design that can be mounted to a wall, placed on a bookshelf, or even attached above your garage outside to monitor your home, making your nest more secure. The HD camera is highly touted as being having the best night vision option on the market, and with crystal clear two-way audio, you can easily tell an intruder they’ve been spotted. One welcome addition to the Canary Flex HD is the 360-degree magnetic swivel base, which comes in handy to get a full view of your home so you never have to feel like the camera has to be in a corner to see your surroundings. But there’s MORE. The Canary is Wi-Fi enabled, so you never need hubs for connectivity!

Also now, the Canary app is free in the app store although there’s an option for a Canary membership which gives you a 30-day video history and unlimited data downloads so you can send and share videos to family and friends of a funny memory while you are at home. The membership also gives you a reimbursement of up to $1000 for accidents that happen , backed by an extended two-year device warranty.

Available now, if you’d like more information on the Canary or the Canary Flex, head over to today.

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