JBL Clip 3: Updated and Ready to Play

We are fans of the JBL Clip 2, and when we saw that the company had announced the 3rd edition of their Bluetooth speaker at CES in Vegas, we had to check it out. So what’s changed?

JBL Clip 3: Updated and Ready to Play

And the answer is a whole lot. Taking evolution to a whole new level is the JBL Clip 3, a portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t slack on the features. With ten hours of battery life, an even better audio performance due to JBL tweaking the internals, the Clip 3 also adds a bit of flair with some new colors which will match each speaker color individually, on top of a new shape. They kept the carabiner, just effectively adding a rubber lining which is great for bags and slippery surfaces, like that lawn or beach chair in the summer. You can clip it to virtually anything and groove to your favorite tune. What’s more, the JBL Clip 3 also has echo and noise cancellation. Available in the spring, the JBL Clip 3 will cost $59.95.

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