Tekkima Overland Jacket Proves Featherlight Can Also Mean Warm at Night

Some weeks ago Tekkima, a new clothing company, reached out to see if we wanted to take a look at one of their jackets. “Why not?” I said. A few days later, the Tekkima Overland arrived. I was amazed by how light it was. Then I put it on and was even more amazed how warm and comfortable it is.

Tekkima Overland Jacket Proves Featherlight Can Also Mean Warm at Night

Before we dive into the Overland Coat, let’s step back and talk about the company itself. Tekkima is a new company… sort of. You see, as they explain on their website, Tekkima’s parent company has been manufacturing apparel for “big-name brands in the travel, sports, and adventure industries for decades.” In other words, they have been an OEM for years. That means it is rather likely that you have worn their clothing but never knew it. Now, their “parent company” has created their own brand, Tekkima, and is creating clothing that leverages their years of experience while giving consumers great products at surprisingly low prices. The company owns their factory. They do their own designs. They build and test the products themselves and then, once they are happy with the finished product, sell it directly to consumers. As they explain,

Born at the crossroads of proven performance and refined design, Tekkima creates sophisticated, affordable adventure apparel for the active lifestyle—and wherever it takes you.

Okay, so that’s the company. What about the Overland Jacket?

It’s difficult to pick the right outerwear when the weather is unpredictable. It might be crisp and cold in the morning and then warm in the afternoon. The perfect jacket choice for those uncertain days just got a lot easier with the insulated, waterproof Overland jacket from Tekkima. At home on the city streets or wooded trails, the Overland Jacket has a waterproof shell with a lightweight insulation. It features two exterior pockets and two interior pockets that are perfect for stashing tech. With an adjustable stowaway hood, you’re ready for whatever the weather throws at you.

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The Overland is a fully insulated, waterproof jacket. The shell is made from 100% polyester with lamination. It has a 100% polyester cire twill lining and, wait for it… the insulation is… 100% premium polyester.

Tekkima Overland Jacket Proves Featherlight Can Also Mean Warm at Night

They describe the Overland as:

the go-to jacket for winter warriors who need that one crucial piece to get them through the cold days and nights.

I have to say I agree. As I previously noted, the Overland feels like nothing. It is thin, soft, and light. It is so light that, when I received it, I honestly thought I was going to have to wait for spring to wear it for this review. But the other day I decided to give it a shot despite the cold New Jersey morning.

Tekkima Overland Jacket Proves Featherlight Can Also Mean Warm at Night

I put it on, threw on a hat and gloves and headed out with my dog for an early morning walk. It was cold… seriously cold. But the Overland kept me incredibly toasty. Despite my initial impressions it really is a winter coat.

Also, the Overland is waterproof so you can go out in the winter assured that if… when… precipitation starts coming down you will still be warm.

Tekkima Overland Jacket Proves Featherlight Can Also Mean Warm at Night

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