EcoFlow Wave Expands Their Ecosystem by Adding a Portable Air Conditioner

I have recently reviewed some EcoFlow products perfect for off-grid living or emergencies; you can read those reviews here and here. The company has expanded its product line with the EcoFlow Wave, a portable, battery-powered air conditioner.

The Wave Portable Air Conditioner will weigh in at only 40 pounds with a 16-pound portable battery; it can be charged via wall sockets, portable power stations, car charging, and solar panels.

EcoFlow Wave Portable Air Conditioner

The EcoFlow Wave boasts an industry-leading 4,000BTU cooling capacity and only requires eight minutes to cool an 86ft² space from 84º to 75º, perfect for a tent, RV van, camper, or any other small area you need to cool. 

Man sits by tent enjoying cool breeze from the EcoFlow Wave portable aire conditioner.

As with all of their products, the EcoFlow Wave uses technology that calculates the best running method to get the most out of the battery. Users can set run times for up to eight hours to ensure a good night’s sleep.

The Wave will run 28% longer when connected to the Delta Pro or Delta Max than it will with other brands. The Wave Add-On Battery offers three extra hours of cooling.

The EcoFlow Wave charging in a vehicle via the DC port

There are several options from the device alone to adding batteries and prices range from $999 to $3999.

The EcoFlow Wave is an exciting addition to their ecosystem; it is available for pre-order on their site, with delivery beginning in early July.

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  1. This would be great on our camping trips

  2. At 4000 BTU, it looks pretty compact for a portable air conditioner, but for $999 for the base model, it would seem that the 16 lbs. of batteries are a very large part of the cost. Anyway, I hope nobody gets the idea that the second photo shows a situation where you should actually have it running.

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