iOttie’s New Car Mounts Makes Navigating a Bit Easier

If you own a vehicle and tend to use navigation apps in order to get where you’re going, chances are you need a car mount. But don’t go and buy one of those cheap ones from the gas station, get yourself one that is durable and serves multiple functions like these from iOttie.

iOttie sent us over two of their latest products: the iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount, and the iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Air Vent Mount.
First, there’s the Easy One Touch Car Mount ($29.95) which is currently in my car and personally my favorite of the two. While there’s no option to charge wirelessly with this model, the Easy One Touch mount is designed to easily sit your smartphone into the mount with one hand, which comes in handy if you find yourself having to place the phone into the mount while pulling out of your driveway, or picking it up for adding in an address.
There’s a suction mechanism that allows the mount to sit on your dash without moving which I appreciate as well. What’s more, the arm of the Easy One Touch is telescopic so you can position it at any angle, including rotating your phone in landscape mode so you can view more of your phones mapping area. It can universally hold all phone sizes, from a Samsung Galaxy sized device to even my iPhone X.
iOttie's New Car Mounts Makes Navigating a Bit Easier
If you’re not into the Easy One Touch Car Mount’s look, you should still check out their Easy One Touch 4 Vent Mount. While I don’t like the way vent mounts work, due to my car’s vents moving occasionally due to the weight of the phone and the mount, the Easy One Touch 4 Air mount ($24.95) allows you to clip the mount into place, with two side clips that allow you to hold the phone securely inside.
iOttie's New Car Mounts Makes Navigating a Bit Easier
It doesn’t have the nifty bottom holder like the Easy One Touch Car Mount above, but it’s a welcome solution for someone who just wants a simple mount that’s less industrial looking. It allows you to rotate 360-degrees, and it comes with a one-year warranty in case anything ever happens to it.
For more information on either of the car mounts by iOttie, click here.
Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit
What I Like: suction on the car mount keeps things stable, and docking bottom allows the phone to sit without sliding from the bottom; Fits all phones
What Needs Improvement: Air vent model should include dock like the car mount.-

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