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April 1, 2014 • Gear Bits

The Bluelounge Kii Unlocks the Key to My Gear

Bluelounge Kii

Last week my keyring got a new addition — the Bluelounge Kii Micro-USB. The Kii is a small sync/charge adapter looks like a simple key but opens to reveal a short but very practical USB-to-MicroUSB cable. At $24.95 (the Lightning Connector version is even more) it is a pricey accessory, but the convenience can’t be beat.

Screenshot 2014 04 01 08 25 16


I like the fact that the Kii sits on your keyring and is “hidden in plain site.”

From Bluelounge:

Bluelounge Kii is a compact charger-connector that fits on a keychain for ultimate convenience, accessibility and mobility. Kii is as lightweight and inconspicuous as any other key and allows users to plug in to charge or sync devices from any computer without having to carry a charger or tote around a cable connector.

A Few Examples of the Bluelounge Kii in Action

Screenshot 2014 04 01 08 29 21

I received an early sample of the Bluelounge Kii and have already found it quite useful. I find it useful enough that I will likely be picking up a version with an Apple Lightning connector soon. You can learn more here.

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    my phone never has enough storage.

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