Motiv Ring Fitness and Sleep Tracker Becomes Even Better!

One of the best fitness and sleep trackers I’ve ever reviewed, the Motiv Ring, has just become even better. Starting today, Motiv adds integration with Alexa, you can buy it on Amazon, and there’s even good news about Android beta testing!

Motiv Ring Fitness and Sleep Tracker Becomes Even Better!

You can now ask Alexa about your health metrics through your Alexa-enabled devices. The first questions you’ll be able to ask Alexa will center on data-syncing and heart rate, but soon we’ll be able to ask Alexa about sleep duration; more metrics will be added throughout the year. Look for the Motiv skill in your Alexa app; there will be more information there.

The next thing worth pointing out is that along with its new Alexa skill comes the fact that you can also now buy your Motiv Ring on Amazon.  This is good news for those of us who love free delivery and hassle-free returns — and the ability to apply our Amex rewards points to our purchases. 😉

The last tidbit is that today Motiv Ring is starting an open beta launch on Android. If you are on Android, this will be good news; you can expect to see even more features available for Android by the end of June. You can download the Motiv Ring for Android app in the Google Play Store.

“We listened to what our customers asked for and delivered new ways to buy and engage with our product. This allows us to make Motiv Ring even more useful for our current customers but also expand who might be interested in a truly wearable wearable,” said Tejash Unadkat, CEO, of Motiv. “We will continue to push ourselves to improve how we deliver the health data customers want, when they want it and are very excited by this first big step.”

During the months since I started wearing my Motiv Ring, I’ve come to really love it; the only time it is off my finger is when I’m topping off its charge — which is done quickly in the morning when I’m sitting at my desk. If you want a sleek and durable fitness and sleep tracker that doesn’t require you to give up your favorite watch, wear a wristband, or wear some other clip-on, you should check it out!


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