This Time-Lapse Camera Lets You Capture Your Garden As It Grows

Garden Watch Camera

Nature has a funny way of sneaking up on people. A flower that seemed it wouldn’t flourish for weeks suddenly blooms in all its glory only a couple of days later.

Nature enthusiasts know this phenomenon well, and many of them wish it were possible to record plant and flower growth as it happens, thereby never missing out on natural beauty at its peak.

The Brinno GardenWatchCam is a neat way to watch your garden as the flowers grow without having to actually stand outside and watch them.

An Unobtrusive Addition

Many people strongly agree that small details make big differences to a garden’s overall presentation. To create a pleasing result, they decorate the area with gazing balls, decorative stepping-stones, gnome statues and miniature fountains among other things. The manufacturers of the GardenWatchCam had that in mind when designing the product.

It features a smooth, oval shape that’s mostly green — with the option to buy a black version instead — meaning it blends in with the garden’s surroundings. Also, there’s a flexible mounting stake on the bottom that helps stick the camera into the ground and ensures this water-resistant camera stays stable.

The Ability to Customize the Captured Footage

One of the most appealing things about the GardenWatchCam from Brinno is arguably the way it offers so many picture-taking settings. For example, during the setup process, a user can make the camera record material every minute or make the interval between photos as long as a full day. There are also many possibilities within that range, such as five minutes and four hours.

Moreover, the camera has a close-up switch that allows a person to zoom in on a plant or flower that’s 18 inches away from the gadget. That feature is advantageous for focusing on the tiniest details of an evolution that may not be evident from a further-away perspective.

The versatility of the GardenWatchCam also makes it a good gadget to use while keeping up an indoor garden. This practice is often called plantscaping or interior landscaping.

Some people live in homes that don’t include private yards or have health conditions that make it difficult to spend long periods outside. However, with the knowledge that houseplants are visually pleasing and even have air-purifying effects, many individuals buy them to enjoy them.

Camera Technology Can Enhance Gardening Efforts

People who like gardening typically think of it as a rewarding activity. Still, when things go wrong, they can dampen the mood of even the most enthusiastic gardener. For example, pests could invade the garden, or a person could find out too late that a variety doesn’t grow well in the local climate.

Fortunately, gardening apps can make the pastime more productive and reduce the likelihood of issues related to improper care or forgetfulness. While those apps help people get on the right track with gardening, the GardenWatchCam shows the fruits of their labor and can encourage them to keep up the routine required to maintain a garden all year.

Tech savviness is not a prerequisite to getting the most use from the GardenWatchCam. It works with four AA batteries and sleeps between shots. That means one set can last up to half a year on an hourly photo setting.

Furthermore, photo storage on a two-gigabyte USB flash drive simplifies connecting the device and viewing photos on a PC.

Potentially Get Glimpses of Wildlife Too

People often like to purposefully arrange their gardens to attract wildlife ranging from birds to hedgehogs. After setting up the GardenWatchCam outside, the potential exists for the gadget to take pictures of wildlife as critters spend time in a garden. Users could set up the camera near a spider and watch the web-building process, too.

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