Your iPhone X Gets Its Swimming Trunks with the Wetsuit Impact Case

Even though the weather is just as confused as us on what season it is every day, soon it will be summer, and pools will begin to open. If you plan on being poolside, or simply just out and about this summer, you should check out Dog & Bone’s Wetsuit Impact water and drop-proof case for the iPhone X.

Made specifically for Apple’s iPhone X, the Wetsuit Impact, while I haven’t had the opportunity to try in a pool or at the beach, if it’s anything like previous renditions of their cases, it’s going to be an awesome companion to bringing your phone to the beach. When inside of the Wetsuit Impact, your iPhone X which is only “water-resistant”, now becomes water, drop and shockproof. Offering up complete protection for the front and back of your iPhone, the back shows off the elegant glass backing of the phone itself which I think is pretty nice.

In my personal drop tests, I can attest that the Wetsuit can be dropped from up to six feet and keep on ticking. Now I wouldn’t do this consistently because even though it’s encased completely, I still am not sure of how strong the outer casing would last with frequent drops, and potentially opening up if dropped on a corner. The front of the Wetsuit is a glass screen protector which is deemed as flexible, but I’ll have to admit, I really dislike it. As someone who typically uses a glass screen protector, I had to remove it for testing of the Wetsuit, and there was just a tad bit of space between my iPhone X screen and the glass of the Wetsuit, which is a bit cumbersome to type on. I would MUCH rather have the Wetsuit Impact do away with the screen and be similar to previous models of the Lifeproof Nuud allowing you to tap and touch your screen directly.

Despite that the case is VERY protective, maybe to its detriment, and as someone who enjoys the thin bezel-less iPhone X, I’d like for the case that I put it in to be just as minimalist. Sure there’s an additional lanyard which is appreciated, however, you have to decide which tradeoff you want: Bulk and protection, or slim yet susceptible to breaking.

For what it’s worth though, Dog & Bone has a Made for iPhone “BackBone” wireless charger that is compatible with its cases and supports fast charging for up to 7.5W. This is an additional cost, but in practice, I really do like it, and I use it daily (even when I do not have the Wetsuit Impact on my phone). It is available for $34.95 and is compatible with the iPhone X, or the iPhone 8.

Available in Electric Orange, Blackest Black, Silvertail, and Oceana, you can pick up the Wetsuit Impact for $79.95.

Check out Dog & Bone’s website for more information today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Completely waterproof and drop proof; included lanyard

What Needs Improvement: A bit on the bulky size, and has a clickity-click feel when tapping on the glass while in case.

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