Motorola Pushes Their Wallet-Friendly but Powerful Moto G and Moto E Lines to New Heights!

A few years ago, Motorola spotted an opening in the highly competitive smartphone market. Every phone doesn’t need to be a flagship, but the ones that weren’t king of the hill were from no-name brands or were last year’s leaders. The moto g and moto e lines challenged that, and they’re continuing that tradition with their newest phones!

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First up is the moto g line. It is on its sixth generation, and each iteration is more powerful, making it a better bargain every year. The moto g6 will be rocking a 5.7″ screen with a glass back, dual 5mp and 12mp cameras, and a fingerprint reader. Best of all, it will be starting at $249! That’s nearly flagship-level features at a much more palatable price. And if that’s a bit more phone than you need, the moto g6 play trades the glass back and dual cameras for a 13mp camera and a whopping 4000mAh battery, which can get you up to 36 hours between charges! At $199, that’s an incredible deal!

If you’re looking for something a bit simpler, the moto e5 plus has a 6″ screen and a 5000mAh battery (good for 1.5 days!), a 12mp camera, and a front firing speaker, so you can enjoy movies on the go with better audio quality. The e5 play sports a 5.2″ screen and an 8mp camera, so while it is a budget play, you still get a nice big screen. The e5 line pricing is dependent on carriers, but it’s safe to say it will be priced quite low, in line with the budget friendly nature of the moto e family.

What’s most amazing about all these phones is that they showcase how fast technology has changed, and how you don’t need to spend flagship money to get a high quality device. To give you an idea, the Samsung Galaxy S5, which came out just 4 years ago, had a 5.1″ screen, a 16mp camera, and a 2800mAh battery, and cost you $649 up front. The iPhone 5S had a 4.0″ screen, an 8mp camera, and retailed for $649 for the base model. Basically, in the span of a few short years, you can buy a phone with the same or better sized screen and camera, for $400+ LESS than you would have paid for the flagship at the time.

The moto g6 and moto e5 aren’t for people who are rushing out for the next great phone. But if you are on a budget, or just loathe the idea of paying monthly for a phone, you can still keep up with the latest and greatest thanks to Motorola!

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