Honey, They Shrunk the Rocketbook Everlast (Mini!)

I adore my Rocketbook Everlast, and routinely fill it with workout notes, then scan it, wipe it clean, and start over. Sometimes, though, I need something smaller and more portable, and Rocketbook has the ultimate solution with their new Rocketbook Everlast Mini, a smaller, reporters notebook style with the same wipe-clean features as the bigger Everlast!

Honey, They Shrunk the Rocketbook Everlast (Mini!)

Everlast Mini is a bit bigger than a regular pocket notebook but small enough that it slips into any bag with ease. It’s slightly shorter and wider than my iPhone 8+, so it is relatively compact. The spirals are made of plastic that’s been melted at both edges, which prevents the paper itself from escaping or unwinding. The cover is made of the same tough plastic feeling material as the bigger Everlast, so this is definitely a notebook you could cram into a back pocket without worrying.

The biggest difference is that due to size, there’s no row of small icons at the bottom for automatic sync when you scan a page with the Rocketbook app. If you’re using a bigger Rocketbook notebook, you can check off a symbol and the app will automatically send the scanned page to the user-defined corresponding app. They’ve eliminated this with the Mini, which could irritate some users but I think it makes sense given the size. I’ve had a few times where I wrote too close to the bottom on my bigger Everlast and had the app pick it up as a request to email the scan or send it over to Google Docs in addition to the true destination. With a smaller surface area, it’s even more likely that you’d have stray marks. Plus, this is more of a jot down ideas notebook, not a “make something you need to refer back to 10x a day” notebook, so there’s less urgency to immediately archive a note.

Honey, They Shrunk the Rocketbook Everlast (Mini!)

I love the Everlast, so the Everlast Mini has been amazing for me. It’s great as my “scrap notes” place, where I can jot down quick to do lists, make notes while on a call, write down random addresses, and then at my leisure, I can scan and sort the notes, and clean up the notebook to fill it again. I do have one complaint — there’s no easy way to keep a Frixion pen attached. I improvised with a paperclip, but if the spirals were just a touch bigger you could slide the pen in and have it sit on the top easily, keeping it as one package instead of running the risk of misplacing the very specific pen you need to make the notebook function properly. Rocketbook let me know the finished product will ship with pen holders!

One tip: Be very careful if you leave an Everlast or Everlast Mini in a hot car. I left my Everlast on the front seat of my car for a few days, and I had a complete freakout when I went to the gym and my month of carefully organized workout plans had disappeared. Thankfully, a stint in the freezer brought the notes back, and I confirmed with Rocketbook that above 140 degrees F/60 degrees C Frixion ink will turn clear. So the good news was that my notes came back, and the better news is that I can also confirm that wiping the pages clean does completely erase the notes-they cannot be revived with a stint in the freezer once you wash the page clean.

Honey, They Shrunk the Rocketbook Everlast (Mini!)

The mini is only slightly bigger than this standard dollar store calculator.

Rocketbook is crowdfunding the Everlast Mini through IndieGoGo, and it does look like the final products there will have pen loops included. $16 gets you one Mini and a pen, and the more notebooks you buy, the better the perks, so be sure to check it out! $16 may seem steep for a notebook, but considering how reusable it is, that’s not a bad deal!

The Everlast Mini is exactly what the name describes — it’s a miniaturized Everlast, with all the benefits and less of the bulk. If you’re a fan of having a notebook around for stray thoughts, the Everlast Mini is a great choice! Just be careful around heat (so, don’t use it to document Hawaiian lava eruptions!)

Source: Manufacturer provided review sample

What I Liked: As easy to use as the big Everlast; tough cover makes it a great pocket notebook; perfect for quick notes

What Needs Improvement: Only takes Frixion pens; turns invisible if your car bakes it.

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