The Camp Chef SmokePro SG Pellet Grill Makes You Feel Like a BBQ Pitmaster

The Camp Chef SmokePro SG Pellet Grill is that rare breed of equipment that’s so easy to use; you can feel like a master after your first cook. Although this was the first pellet grill/smoker I’ve ever used, the SmokePro SG made me feel like a championship BBQ pitmaster. Starting at $749.99, the SmokePro SG belongs in every carnivore’s backyard.

If you want a perfect smoke ring on your first try, check out the SmokePro SG. If you want to “set and forget” your smoker for cooks up to 23 hours, check out the SmokePro SG. If you want to be able to be nimble enough to switch from an indirect flame to direct flame grilling with the pull of a lever using “slide and grill technology,” check out the SmokePro SG. If you want the ability to add an accessory that can perfectly sear your meat after smoking it, hitting temperatures up to 900ºF to get those beautiful grill marks, check out the SmokePro SG with Sear Box accessory.

Check out the video I put together that reviews some of the main features of the SmokePro SG:

With an electronic auto-start ignition, thermostat to maintain temperatures, large capacity pellet hopper, two meat probes, and a 4,850 cubic inch grilling area volume, you can smoke or gill to your heart’s content. Let’s not forget about the slide and grill technology that allows you to switch seamlessly between indirect and direct flame mode so you can achieve two separate flavor profiles all on one grill.

Everything that Camp Chef sent

The Computer, where you set the grill temperature, check internal meat temperature, and more.

Upper racks hidden so that you have a half-rack setup up top.

Full upper rack setup

If you’re new to pellet grills, here’s a crash course in how they work: You set a temperature on the computer/thermostat and this tells the auger how many pellets to feed into the firebox and how often. When the firebox is full of pellets, the electronic igniter sets the pellets on fire and the integrated fan distributes the heat throughout the grill similar to a convection oven. This allows you to get great smokey flavor with minimal effort or babysitting. That’s the simplest explanation of what we’re talking about here.

The Sear Box in all its glory

Showing off the cast iron grates on the Sear Box

Flame on, inside the Sear Box

Rear of the pellet grill with the Sear Box open

The pellet hopper with lid open.

Inside the pellet hopper

A full pellet hopper is a beautiful thing

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