The Camp Chef SmokePro SG Pellet Grill Makes You Feel Like a BBQ Pitmaster

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The Camp Chef SmokePro SG Pellet Grill Makes You Feel Like a BBQ Pitmaster Listen to this article

The SmokePro SG is jam-packed with impressive features, check out the full list, below:

  • Electronic auto-start ignition
  • Dual LED temperature readout: internal cooking temps and internal food temps
  • Simple temperature selection system
  • Automatic auger dispenses pellets as needed for improved smoker efficiency
  • Included warming rack provides additional space to cook your favorite foods
  • Includes 2 meat probes
  • Pellet hopper cleanout
  • Large capacity (22 lb) pellet hopper
  • Patented Ash Cleanout System

Check out the specs from Camp Chef as well:

  • Grilling Area Volume: 4,850 cub. in
  • Lower Rack Area: 429 sq. in
  • Upper Rack Area: 382sq. in
  • Total Rack Surface Area: 811 sq. in
  • Hopper Capacity: 22 lbs. of pellets
The Camp Chef SmokePro SG Pellet Grill Makes You Feel Like a BBQ Pitmaster

Pull this to switch from indirect to direct flame

The Camp Chef SmokePro SG Pellet Grill Makes You Feel Like a BBQ Pitmaster

The ash cup

The Camp Chef SmokePro SG Pellet Grill Makes You Feel Like a BBQ Pitmaster

My steak started out around 51 degrees

The BBQ Sear Box Accessory pairs perfectly with the SmokePro SG. The best way to reverse sear your meat is to cook it slowly in a smoker and then taking it directly from the smoker to the 900ºF sear box to sear the exterior of the meat, giving you those gorgeous and delicious grill marks. It’s super easy to use, just turn it on like you would any stove. The BBQ Sear Box powered by a propane tank that can be mounted to the back of the stove using an included hook.

Let’s also take a look at the features and specs of the BBQ Sear Box accessory:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Enamel-coated cast iron grilling grates
  • Raised ribs for distinct grill marks
  • Propane burner for high heat
  • Propane tank holder included
  • Grease management system with drip tray
  • Built-in ignition for easy lighting
  • Heat diffuser plates for infrared cooking
  • Reaches temperatures up to 900° F
  • Easily replaces existing side shelf with existing holes and hardware
  • Searing Area Dimensions: 11.5″x16″
  • Total Surface Area: 184 sq. in
  • 16,000 BTU Stainless Steel Burner
  • Overall Weight: 34 lbs.
  • Propane Tank not included

Check out the gallery of photos from my first cook, rib steak:

Now let’s talk about my experience with the SmokePro SG pellet grill. Camp Chef was nice enough to include a whole slew of accessories, including two bags of Competition Blend pellets, a patio cover, a BBQ tool set, the Sear Box, and a bamboo cutting board. Once I unpacked everything from the shipping pallet, it was fairly easy to assemble the SmokePro SG. I mention it in my overview video, but it took about 1.5 hours to assemble it myself, however Camp Chef recommends assembly with two people. I’m sure it would be much easier and take less than an hour with two people. That said, the assembly instructions are clear and simple.

Smoking some baby back ribs:

As previously mentioned, using the grill is extremely simple. You just set the thermostat to the temperature you want, between 160ºF and 500ºF, wait for it to ignite and preheat, then put your meat on and wait for your meat to come to temperature.

The first night, I bought a 2-inch thick bone-in rib steak to cook on the SmokePro SG. I set the SmokePro SG to 225ºF and let it cook for a few hours, trying to get the steak to medium rare. Like a dummy, I completely forgot the temperature for medium-rare, 130ºF, and accidentally cooked the steak to 150ºF, which is closer to medium well. I was so worried that the steak would be dry, especially due to the fact that it’s an expensive piece of meat. What was surprising was that due to the slow smoking cooking method, the meat was still tender, juicy, and flavorful, with a nice smoke ring. Plus, the sear box gave the meat delicious, professional-looking grill marks.

Smoking ribs, London broil, and corn:

I’ve also cooked ribs, London broil, and a brisket on the SmokePro SG. The ribs came out with an awesome smoke ring and delicious smoky flavor while the London broil was tender and juicy. The brisket was a bit overcooked, but that was my fault. Brisket is notoriously difficult to cook properly and the brisket I chose was a bit too small, so it got a little dry. The flavor, however, was out of this world and I will definitely be trying brisket again with a much larger cut. And that’s the thing about the SmokePro SG pellet grill; it really does make you think that you can be Aaron Franklin for a day.

While my experience with this pellet grill was overwhelmingly positive, I have noticed some quirks. The grill temperature appears to swing about 15 degrees in either direction at times, which BBQ purists will tell you is less than ideal. Also, while the direct flame grilling mode is nice to have, the firebox is small and you can’t grill a ton of meat over it at one time. Finally, if I’m stretching for a complaint, the materials do feel slightly on the lower end. I’ve used grills in the past that use heavier gauge metal that feel more “high-end,” though I can’t speak to the grill’s durability at this point.


Camp Chef has made me a huge fan of pellet grills. The SmokePro SG gave me the courage to take on a smoked brisket, one of the toughest challenges in BBQ, and that’s saying something. It’s easy to assemble, easy to use, and produces delicious, smoke-infused food. It’s versatile and has a large capacity. I was able to smoke two racks of ribs, two London broils, and 9 ears of corn at one time and they all came out fantastic. With innovative features like slide and grill technology and the simple ash cleanout system, the SmokePro SG is a great option for beginners and experts alike.

Camp Chef’s SmokePro SG comes in two finishes, black or bronze, and it can be purchased directly from Camp Chef at for $749.99.

Source: The Camp Chef SmokePro SG pellet grill and accessories were manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I Like: Easy to assemble; Easy to use; Versatile; Large pellet hopper; Large capacity; Makes delicious food; Sear Box completes the package perfectly

What Needs Improvement: Temperature swings


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