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WARNING: The products discussed may contain or use nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical; in many cities and a few states, you must be 21 to purchase vaping products or products containing nicotine. Please familiarize yourself with and obey the law in your location.

We recently reviewed Utillian 721 vaporizer thanks to TVape. The company was also kind enough to also send along the ZEUS Iceborn, and we quickly came to appreciate the advantage this accessory brings to the excellent 721. The Utillian 721 delivers vapor that is not uncomfortably warm but, thanks to the Iceborn, it can be downright cool.

The Iceborn is…

…a revolutionary must-have vaporizer accessory item created by ZEUS engineers based on customer survey data! From this data, ZEUS solves the Vaporizing Dilemma by using ice to dramatically cool down vapor, adding 2 extra points to the vapor quality score of any vaporizer you choose.The Iceborn is compatible with vaporizers that have a 6.5mm to 11mm diameter mouthpiece. That means that, while it won’t work with EVERY vaporizer it will work with many of the most popular devices currently available. We tested it with the Utillian 721 and see the two as a great pairing if you want an excellent portable vaporizer AND want to take it to the next level.

The ZEUS Iceborn is not; it would seem, the first attempt to cool vapor from a portable vape. These employed a different system than the one found in the Iceborn. As ZEUS explains:

All other previous attempts to cool vapor and eliminate coughing and throat irritation caused by hot vapor have been with water filtration systems. Water filtration is inferior to ice filtration for 3 reasons: 1) essential oils are lost in the water, making them inefficient; 2) the clouds are less dense; and 3) they are messy, fragile and high maintenance. The Iceborn fixes all of these issues offering cooler draws, bigger clouds and increased efficiency in a compact, sexy package that can be used with most vaporizers, simply and easily.

Inside the box, you’ll find the ZEUS Iceborn consisting of an ice bucket and a lid, a mouthpiece, a variety of aluminum tubes, and silicon whips in small, medium and long lengths.

To use the Iceborn, you remove the lid of the ice bucket and fill the chamber with water.

Once filled, you put the lid back in place and put the entire unit into the freezer. (We left it there overnight.)

When you are ready to vape, you attach your choice of silicone whips to the two attachment points.

The center connects to the vaporizer while the side whip connects to the mouthpiece. From there you simply vape as usual except that, instead of drawing directly on the vaporizer you draw from the mouthpiece connected to the whip. The result is that the vapor drawn from the vaporizer passes through the aluminum tubes in the Iceborn and, in the process, cools down.

While this is certainly a larger, more complex and less portable approach, the benefits are numerous. Unlike the water-cooled approach, the essential oils in the vapor are not lost while passing through the unit. The calling down process makes the vapor less harsh on your throat without negatively impacting the process. Finally, and this is certainly worthy of note, vapor drawn through the Iceborn is essentially odorless. So while the unit is less discrete, the vapor all but disappears.

This video gives a good idea of the process and why the ZEUS Iceborn is worth considering if you enjoy vaping.

  • For True Connoisseurs: Dramatically cooler draws, noticeably bigger clouds and definitively increased efficiency are just a few of the ways the Iceborn offers a huge vapor quality boost.
  • Compatible with All Vaporizers: With 6.5mm to 11mm Diameter Mouthpieces
  • Ice Filtered, Vapor Blizzard: Giving you endless chilled draws for the ultimate smooth vaporizing experience.

In summary: The Utillian 721 we recently reviewed was impressive in itself. By adding the ZEUS Iceborn cooling unit, you get something really special. You simply add a little bit of water to the reservoir and place it in the freezer. When you’re ready to vape, you take the Iceborn from the freezer, replace the vaporizer’s mouthpiece with the cooling unit’s open-ended tube, then draw the vapor through the Iceborn. Be prepared though, because instead of your normal vaping experience, you will now be able to enjoy icy cool, totally smooth vapor. And, when you are done, you’ll simply disconnect the Iceborn and place it back in the freezer.

The ZEUS Iceborn is $69.99. While that might seem excessive for an accessory you really don’t need, the impact on the vaping process is significant and makes this worth considering. Check it out here at TVape.

Source: Review sample sent by our friends at TVape

What I Like: Relatively simple to use; Easy to keep frozen and even easier to clean; Chills vapor down with zero to no hassle; Makes vapor more comfortable AND makes it all but odorless

What Needs Improvement: Using the Iceborn makes a portable vape far less portable

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