MUUL RuckBucket Really ‘Packs’ the Punch

If you have been looking for an ultra-durable, insulated, food safe backpack, look no further than MUUL and its new RuckBucket. This new rig will allow you to carry just about anything into or out of your destination – be that mountain, desert, racetrack…anywhere.

MUUL RuckBucket Really 'Packs' the Punch

MUUL RuckBucket/Images courtesy MUUL

RuckBucket is a five-gallon system that features a food-safe 5.3-gallon bucket and 5-gallon insulated cooler insert, all wrapped in a 500 Denier nylon shell that is covered in MOLLE straps for added versatility. The shoulder straps are padded for extra comfort and there is padding between your back and the RuckBucket as well. There is an outside zippered compartment to carry smaller items such as flashlight or phone and MUUL offers a removable .5 gallon accessory pouch as well as a removable bottle pouch for the RuckBucket. Got more gear? Lash it to the outside of your RuckBucket, no problem.

MUUL RuckBucket Really 'Packs' the Punch

Once at your destination, the RuckBucket will keep food or beverages cold and it doubles as a seat complete with a padded top. I even used my RuckBucket for a stepstool. For added convenience, there is a hand strap on top of the unit. The uses for the RuckBucket are about as endless as your imagination. MUUL says you can use it to carry firewood, 17 cans of a frosty beverage, or that 12 pounds of rainbow trout you just caught. “Carry everything AND the kitchen sink,” I believe is how they put it.

MUUL RuckBucket Really 'Packs' the Punch

MUUL has RuckBucket launched on Kickstarter currently and they have reached their initial goal. They offer a host of pledge packages including a level for a fishing adventure or dirt bike experience in their home state of Oregon. More information can be found on their website at RuckBuckets start at 99 bucks and should arrive by August. They are currently available in Coyote Tan, Midnight Black, and Surf Blue.

MUUL RuckBucket Really 'Packs' the Punch

This RuckBucket is pretty darn cool and one of those “why didn’t I think of that” items. I remember a trip to Delicate Arch for sunset photography and seeing a group of folks from Europe with trash bags lining their backpacks so they could ice some beverages and snacks. They could have really used something like this. Come to think of it, I could have really used the RuckBucket on that trip.

MUUL RuckBucket Really 'Packs' the Punch

Source: Review sample provided by the manufacturer.

What it is: RuckBucket by MUUL

What I Like: Durability; Quality; Versatility.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing, it’s great as it is

MUUL RuckBucket Really 'Packs' the Punch

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