Spice Things up a Bit with the Eva Stimulator

If you and your spouse are looking for a great way to spice things up, you should really check out the Eva Stimulator for couples.

Spice Things up a Bit with the Eva Stimulator

Although you don’t need an extra person in the room with you, the Eva stimulator I received to check out is absolutely phenomenal. Available in a variety of colors, Jess and I received the green color, which I guess could made it… Easier to see. We’ve seen studies for years of various ways to pleasure our spouses, and although there are plenty ways to accomplish that “ultimate O”, but none quite like the Eva.

Spice Things up a Bit with the Eva Stimulator

Created by Dame Products, the Eva is essentially an inobtrusive pleasure (sex) toy that allows you to not have to hold it in order to experience its full use. Full transparency, maneuvering your hands around to get to that pleasure spot for your partner can be tedious, specifically during intercourse, but with the Eva, you can focus on the motion of the ocean instead of if your boat can get over the wave, so to speak.

Over the past thirty days of testing, we’ve come away with one collective thought… It’s earth shaking.

Spice Things up a Bit with the Eva Stimulator

I wasn’t completely sure my fiance would be up for the challenge of this vibrator experience, but after a few talks about it, we peeled back the wrapper (of the box) and read the instructions.

Spice Things up a Bit with the Eva Stimulator

Placing the Eva on admittedly takes some patience. With two wings to the left and right, you are instructed to place it under the labia of your female partner gently with the power off. Once the vibrator is set in place, you simply power it on and began to set the mood accordingly. Designed to stay put during penetration, I will say there are certain positions that you will find yourselves having to readjust it. Obviously not perfect, the wings do adjust to a certain extend but naturally everyone’s bodies are different.

What’s really great about the Eva is the vibrator sensations that you get in the various modes that it has. Made of medical grade silicone, when turned on the special lady in your life will be able to experience additional pleasure not just from you, but by the stimulation from the Eva, and in practice I have to admit, I felt it heightened the sensations for the both of us leading to an experience you wouldn’t get from that cheap adult section on LivingSocial.

Spice Things up a Bit with the Eva Stimulator

Without giving away too much, though, it’s certainly a product you have to experience for yourself to appreciate, but personally, having free hands to worry about other things is awesome. And for the lucky lady in your life, she’ll love this new addition to your home, even when you’re not around.

For more information on the Eva stimulator by Dame Products, head over to their site directly.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Hands free allows you and your partner to focus on each other instead of an instrument

What needs Improvement: various wing sizes may be an option for some in the next version

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