Amazon Prime Day Is Happening Today, How to Attack the Deals

Every year like clockwork, Amazon Prime Day floods our emails with a lot of it fluff deals, and discounts from virtually everything from cheap CrockPots, battery packs from companies that you may or may not have ever heard from, and a bunch of other items that have been sitting on Amazon’s shelves they’ve been trying to get rid of.

We’re here to tell you a couple of things you may want to consider for today, a few things to avoid, and a few ongoing deals that you actually may want to check out.

Just like traditional shopping, Amazon is going to bombard you with hundreds of things that are going to be tempting to purchase, with a price that is “hard to say no to”. To the contrary, sometimes everything you purchase may not be something you necessarily need. For example: If you see a 55-gallon bag of lotion on sale for $26.77, you should do the obvious to avoid “getting taken” on Prime Day.

  1. Do you really need 55 gallons of lotion?
  2. READ THE REVIEWS – If the lotion is from a company that you’ve never heard of, and the one/ two-star reviews give you instant red flags … chances are 109 bad reviews and two good ones say everything for you.
  3. Prime Day Spam emails — This is certainly a thing. If you’re receiving emails about gift card offers in return for a review, some are easier to ignore than others, you should always be vigilant about scammers asking for details like your Amazon username/passwords, and other details should never be offered, especially via email.

Obviously, there are plenty of other details for Prime Day to monitor such as live pricing, since some deals only last a few hours. But most important if you plan on shopping on this special occasion you want to turn the alerts on from the Amazon app. Doing thing on the web or through the app itself allows you to never miss your window to purchase that high thread count blanket.

That being said, here are a few Amazon deals that we think are worth checking out:

Master & Dynamic MH30 on-Ear Headphones – as low as $150

One of the biggest deals on Amazon Prime Day that not a lot of you may have checked out yet is from Master & Dynamic. Using the code “MH30FLASH” from 3 pm today, until Midnight July 17th you can purchase the brand’s popular MH30 headphones. typically the cans are $299.

Anker‘s Bolder LC40 Rechargeable Flashlight – $15.99

Everyone needs a good flashlight; this one has a super bright, 400-lumen Cree LED with a 50000-hour lifespan. It gets up to 20 hours battery life in medium-beam mode of “powerful, non-diminishing brightness from the included premium rechargeable 3350mAh battery.” Giddy-up! This Deal goes live July 16th at 12:30 PM PDT.

Anker‘ s PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger – $49.59

Today you’re going to see so many external battery packs and chargers on sale today, but no matter what, Anker is the top of the line in terms of build quality, simplicity, and price. Today with a 20% discount off, you’ll be able to charge virtually everything. This deal goes live July 16th at 1:25 PM PDT.

Anker‘ s Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector – $248.00

I put this mainly because it of all of the mini portable projectors I’ve tried, the Nebula Capsule has the best reviews. It’s super compact, and for the price for Prime Day, chances are you won’t see it marked down this low again for a while.) This deal goes live on July 16th at 1:45 PM PDT.

Anker‘s Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker – $20.79

Everyone needs a Bluetooth speaker for the summer, and the SoundCore series by Anker packs that perfect thump for the beach, the pool, or that outdoor BBQ. And the price is right for just at $20 and some change. This deal goes live July 16th at 5:00 PM PDT.

AUKEY’s Portable USB Wall Charger with Quick Charge 3.0 – $12.59

Exclusively on July 17th, Aukey will offer up their Portable wall charger — which I personally use and will be traveling with on my honeymoon. It features Quick Charge, which means you won’t have to worry about waiting hours on end for your devices to juice up. ONE DAY ONLY starting today and ending at 11:30 pm July 17th.

AUKEY’s Mini Flexible Camera Tripod with Wide Compatibility – $21.59

For the summer, be your own photographer with the tripod deal that is live until July 18th with the code DL3BIZKL. This deal will last from 3pm today until July 18th at 11:20 PM.


So … tell us about what you’re looking forward to buying on Prime Day, or the deals you’ve scored!

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