The Polaroid Cube Is a Cute and Reasonably Priced Action Cam

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The Polaroid Cube Is a Cute and Reasonably Priced Action Cam Listen to this article

We have an entire generation of people who grew up watching shows such as MTV’s ‘The Real World”, and so to them it probably seems normal to have a camera following them around, catching everything they say or do. If you think you and your friends are interesting enough, you can life-blog while wearing the $100 Polaroid Cube.


The 1.5″, shock-proof, and water-resistant (to 2 meters) Cube captures 1080p HD video, takes 6 megapixel photos, has a 124° wide angle lens, a built-in rechargeable battery that records up to 90 minutes.


Photos are stored on a microSD card, and there are different mounts so that you can capture video or photos while biking, swimming, or you can use the tripod.

There’s no mention of a neck lanyard or a pocket-clip; if you are going to take this life-blogging thing seriously, then it seems like you’ll need one of those, too.

Interested? You can pick your Polaroid Cube up (with or without all of the accessories) on Photojojo.

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