LampyPets Children’s Lamps Perfect for Nightlight or Night-Night

Sometimes when I read a press release I cannot figure out what the item is when I see the name. That was not the case with the message that arrived from LampyPets, which I very quickly figured out (you guessed it) is a kid’s lamp in the shape of their pet or favorite animal.

LampyPets Children's Lamps Perfect for Nightlight or Night-Night

LampyPets/Image courtesy LampyPets

Your first dilemma will be choosing the lamp for you child (or grandchild) and in what color will you want that lamp. We went with Elliot the Elephant in a fun blue tint. When the grandgirl first laid eyes on it as I took it out of the box, she just could not contain herself. It was almost as if she were opening a gift at Christmas. And the kids quickly figured out how to operate the LampyPets lighting options that includes color temperature (cool to warm), brightness, and nightlight. LampyPets all use LED lighting that consumes very little electricity (6W) while offering a long lamp life (20,000 hours). Maximum brightness is 350 lumens and the body is made of durable high-grade ABS.

LampyPets Children's Lamps Perfect for Nightlight or Night-Night

Ava demonstrating the LampyPets operation/Image by Jennifer Fuentes

I mentioned the kids figuring out how to operate Elliot the Elephant quickly as it took Pop Pop a bit longer. I kept looking for a switch of some sort, and they just tapped one eye or the other to turn the lights on and off and adjust the dimmer and color temperature. Apparently, there is a touch sensor built into each eye. If your little ones are not fans of elephants, they might like a cat or dog or even a giraffe in their room. The light on Elliot the Elephant and Pokey the Giraffe is somewhat adjustable for your child to use as a reading light, and since it is LED, it is not warm to touch to make that adjustment. The dog and cat lamps have a built-in pen holder making them ideal for desktops.

LampyPets Children's Lamps Perfect for Nightlight or Night-Night

LampyPets collection/Image courtesy LampyPets

Dimensionally, Elliot and Pokey are 9” long x 5” wide x 16.5” high and weigh 3 lbs. The cats and dogs are 7.5” long x 6.5” wide x 14” high and weigh 2.6 lbs. All LampyPets are priced at $59.99. More information and additional models can be seen at, including Elliot, Emmy, Lily, Ginny, Pokey, Sunny, Becca, Boo, Katie, Socks, Tiger, Fred, Sam, and Spencer.

LampyPets Children's Lamps Perfect for Nightlight or Night-Night

Ava setting LampyPets nightlight for night-night/Image by Jennifer Fuentes

LampyPets review sample provided by the manufacturer.

What I Like: Fun characters and colors; Easy for kids to learn to use; Nightlight inclusion

What Needs Improvement: Kids would like a bit more flexibility in Elliot’s trunk; Switches are a bit sensitive

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