SWASH May Free You from the Dry Cleaning Cycle

Have I mentioned that I live about 40 minutes from the nearest dry cleaners? And of course I have items which are “dry clean only”, so once or twice a week (when I make the drive to San Angelo) I bring along and pick up my weekly dry cleaning. It’s inconvenient and time-consuming, so I’m about to try SWASH.

SWASH May Free You from the Dry Cleaning Cycle

I figure that I spend bout $15 in a normal week on dry cleaning, but it can be much more that that when I’m returning from a business trip. Considering that I don’t wear “dry clean only” every day, my bill is probably much lower than what some pay. The worst is when I want a particular outfit, but I can’t wear it because it is at the cleaners or it needs to go to the cleaners. That’s where I’m hoping that the new SWASH may come in handy. And yes, I am fully aware that these are “First World Problems”, but part of my job is trying our technology that is supposed to make our lives easier, right?

This system is not inexpensive — it’s $499 for the machine which comes with 12 cleaning pods, and $6.99 for 12 replacement pods in one of three flavors.  But if it works, it means I’ll have my clothes clean and wrinkle-free when and where I need them.

I’ve ordered a SWASH machine, and I’ll review it after I’ve received it and used it a few times.

What do you think? Total waste of money? If you say yes, then I’m going to assume you have a dry cleaners right down the street! 😉

Read more about SWASH here.

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2 Comments on "SWASH May Free You from the Dry Cleaning Cycle"

  1. $15 on dry cleaning? I easily spend $150-200 a month…sigh.

    Stupid business formal workplace.

  2. Difference in our day jobs, obviously. =)

    I just love the idea of being able to freshen up an otherwise wrinkled cashmere sweater or shirt that I can’t necessarily wash. This thing may be amazing!!

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