Cori HD Smart Home Security Camera System Is a Good, Affordable Video Security Solution

When considering safety and security for your home, one of the top priorities has to be remote monitoring with a camera system. And if you have priced systems available today, some will leave you a bit intimidated. The Cori HD Smart Home Security Camera system offers an affordable dual-camera system that is easy to install and use.

Cori HD Smart Home Security Cameras/Image courtesy Momentum

The Cori HD system consists of two Wi-Fi cameras featuring 110-degree viewing angle that can be mounted just about anywhere you can get power. They have 720p HD resolution and thanks to the built-in infrared LED, they can see clearly at night or in the dark as well (up to 25 feet). There is motion and sound detection with two-way audio on each camera unit, and this system can be expanded with additional cameras. Video storage can be accomplished via the cloud or microSD card (not included) in the camera itself. The Cori HD Smart Home Security Camera system works with the Momentum app that is free for both iOS and Android devices.

Once you download the app, set up is a breeze. It took me longer to figure out where I wanted to place the cameras than it did to set them up on my phone. We actually use them on our front and back porches. They are not weatherproof, but our porches are somewhat protected from any direct involvement with Mother Nature and the cameras work like a champ. Each camera comes with a base to use as a stand, and the camera attaches via a swivel mount. If wall attachment is needed there is a kit included to allow for that arrangement. Each camera includes a power adaptor so the only other thing needed is a power outlet. Sure, there are battery-operated cameras on the market, but none at this price point.

Speaking of pricing, the new Cori HD system arrives just under 60 bucks ($59.99), and it can be found at Walmart, Amazon, or the company online store at Should you wish to expand your security system, check out some of the other products offered that include LED flood lamp camera and remote garage door opener with camera.

As for alerts and notifications, all of this can be custom set up on your device. You can give the system various rules for recording, alerts to send, range of detection, and more. These rules can be individually set for each camera and can be done for motion, sound, or both and there is adjustable sensitivity. If you are looking for a good, affordable, easy to use home security camera system look no further than the Cori HD system from Momentum.

Source: Review sample provided by the manufacturer

What I Like: Ease of setup and use; flexible, multi-camera employment; affordable pricing

What Needs Improvement: Nothing. It offers excellent basic security needs for budget-conscious

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